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Ex. Trooper Claims He Was Fired For Writing Reports in ‘Ebonics’

Ebonics is not a real language, and if you use Ebonics, as opposed to the Queen’s English, during work hours, you’re likely to soon be in search of a new job. Don’t believe me? Ask the Ex Pennsylvania state trooper who says he was fired over false claims that he wrote his police reports in ebonics.

The ex trooper has filed a lawsuit saying he was not retained after the probationary period based on a claim that he didn’t properly write reports, sometimes including ebonics in his summaries.

In the lawsuit, the trooper, 29-year-old William Peake, says he was wrongly let go. Peake graduated from the police academy in May 2009 and was stationed in barracks which are nearly all white.

Peake signed a termination letter saying he was let go for a “lack of solid job knowledge and basic police skills” and other “officer/public safety concerns.”

Peake maintains that the reasons for his being let go   “are not worthy of belief.”
Whether Peake actually wrote police reports in ‘ebonics’ should be easy enough to prove or disprove since police reports are usually maintained as part of the public record.

A police spokeswoman would not comment on the case because the allegations are part of an ongoing litigation.

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