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Busted: Illinois State Senator Caught With Gun at O’Hare Airport

Given Chicago’s out of control crime rate, it’s understandable that Illinois residents would want to arm themselves for protection, but there’s still a zero tolerance for guns at America’s airports.

Someone should’ve reminded congressional candidate and Illinois state Sen. Donne Trotter of that last week before he was caught trying to take a gun on a plane. Now the legislator faces felony charges of attempting to board an aircraft with a weapon and could serve anywhere from one to five years in prison if convicted.

What is most bothersome, though, is that Trotter is a self-described “advocate of gun control.”

Authorities claim Trotter was caught with a loaded .25 caliber handgun at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport around 7:00 Wednesday morning. The gun was in Trotter’s carry on bag, along with seven rounds of ammunition. There were no rounds of ammunition in the gun’s chamber.

According to a local CBS affiliate, Trotter did have authorization to carry the weapon.

Trotter reportedly told authorities he had the gun because he moonlights at Allpoints Security and Detective Inc., and forgot he had the gun in his garment bag when he went to O’Hare for a flight to Washington, D.C.

ON Nov. 26  the state senator announced his run for the Democratic nomination to succeed former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in Congress. Jackson resigned amid allegations that he misused campaign funds. He was also suffering from bipolar depression at the time of his resignation.



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