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Woman Fatally Shot After Bumping Into Man’s Wheelchair

Police say a woman in Macon, Georgia was shot to death after bumping into a man’s motorized wheelchair. 

Authorities say the woman, Linda Hunnicutt, 65,  was shot to death after she bumped into the man’s wheelchair with her car. After the bump, the woman stepped outside her vehicle, had a brief exchange of words with the man in the wheelchair, then the man drew his gun and shot Hunnicutt in the chest.

Police say the suspect, Frank Louis Reeves, 73, was apprehended in the parking lot. He was being held on a murder charge at the Bibb County Jail.

Local affiliate 13WMAZ reports that Reeves has been officially charged with felony murder.

There was originally some speculation that Reeves would be charged with involuntary manslaughter, after a statement released early Tuesday indicated that this was the official charge,  but  Macon Judicial Circuit District Attorney Greg Winters quickly dismissed those rumors.

“It was never involuntary manslaughter,” he said. “Obviously there was miscommunication between officials inside the police department about the charge.”

The police report indicates that Hunnicutt confronted Reeves after he bumped into her car with his wheelchair, but initial news reports indicated that Hunnicutt bumped into Reeves’ scooter wheelchair with her car.

Hunnicutt was taken to the Medical Center of Central Georgia where she was pronounced dead.


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