Belcher’s Mother Frantic on 911 Call, Baby Screaming in the Background

The release of the 911 tapes from the murder-suicide involving Jovan Belcher of the Kansas City Chiefs are haunting, to say the least.  The calls came from Belcher’s mother, who frantically explained to operators what happened that night, with a screaming baby in the background.  Belcher’s girlfriend, Kassandra Perkins, was barely breathing and would die shortly thereafter.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Cassie,” said Belcher’s mother, Cheryl Shepherd. “The baby is crying … Please get the ambulance here!”

“OK, we’re on the way, ” the dispatcher said. “We’ve been on the way the whole time. How old is the patient?”

“Twenty-two,” Shepherd said.

“Is she breathing?” the dispatcher asked.

“She is still breathing but barely. Please hurry. I don’t know how many times he shot her. They had been arguing …” the mother said.

“OK, she’s been shot?” the dispatcher asked.

Belcher’s mother then speaks to the woman lying on the floor, Kassandra Perkins.

“You hear me? Kasandra! Hey!. Stay with me!”

“Ma’am,” the dispatcher said. “Listen. Is she awake?”

“She’s barely,” the mother said. “She’s just barely. She is moving when I talk to her.”

“OK,” the dispatcher said.

“Oh, God,” the mother moaned.

” Is she bleeding?” The dispatcher asked.

“Yes, she is ….”

When the police officer gets on the phone with Belcher’s mother, she doesn’t answer many questions about where her son might be.   Instead, she focuses on getting an ambulance for Perkins.

“Ma’am, the ambulance is on the way. What’s your son’s name? What kind of car did your son leave in? Or was he on foot?” the officer asked.

That’s when Belcher’s mother stopped speaking to the officers, and a crying baby can be heard in the background.



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  1. Tina Iwishuhbishwood Smith Herring


    • Tina Iwishuhbishwood Smith Herring

      But to be truthful, I don’t feel sorry for Belcher, since every man in America has had his heart broken during a relationship. In fact, if he wasn’t the victim of any form of mental illness, I’m highly disappointed in him. Great football players are warriors and expected to be mentally tough, even during the most difficult of circumstances. The decision of a man to commit such a heinous act and orphan his newborn child, quite honestly, wreaks of the type of selfishness I’ve seen in far too many relationships. I had a colleague with a promising career in academia, whose husband did the same thing, leaving both of his children without either parent for the rest of their lives. It’s hard to imagine any parent doing this to their child, no matter how bad things have become.

      I wish Belcher had at least thought about his daughter before killing the child’s mother.

  2. This just doesn’t make scense, the little baby will never remember how they looked. What is wrong with Belcher, there are a lot of people who are very sad and just can’t understand why!

    I send out my prayers to Blecher’s mother, his girlfriend, his baby girl, family, friends,team members, coaches and fans – the list gones on and sad!

  3. Tragic beyond words. People, we need to read the Word and Surviving In An Angry World by Charles Stanley to combat the evil traversing this planet.