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Teens Arrested For Gunning Down 79 Year Old Flea Market Worker Who Refused to Sell Them Guns

The ages of the teens who allegedly gunned down a flea market worker in Lakeland, Florida span from 13-18. Technically, most are still kids, but authorities say they’re all cold bloodied murderers.

The five teens who’ve been apprehended by police

Authorities say the teens took part in the shooting of a 79 year  flea market worker, all because he refused to sell them a gun.

The teens came to the market to buy a gun, but when the victim refused to sell them a gun, they left, and returned with friends,  opening fire on the elderly man, and smashing his display case.

“Apparently he probably told them to get lost, you’re too young, you don’t have ID,” said flea market worker Ron Goldman. “They didn’t like the answer, so they got some more punk friends and now the guy is fighting for his life in the hospital.”

Local affiliate reports:

Sheriff’s investigators Sunday announced the arrest of five suspects in the case. They’re identified as 18-year-old Bernando Copeland, 17-year-old Khalid Preston, 15-year-old D’ante Morris, 16-year-old Ladarius Johnson, and 16-year-old Dwight Martin.

Two other teens, the youngest in the group, remain at large.  They’re identified by the sheriff’s office as Davion Smith and Kendall Wainwright, just 13 and 14 years old.

“All of the suspects responsible for this senseless act of violence will go to jail,” said Polk Sheriff Grady Judd. “Our detectives are working around the clock. This investigation isn’t over.”

A teen who knew some of the teens involved in the shooting said he never would’ve believed his classmates would do such a thing.




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