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Mom Received 12-Yrs Prison for Selling $30 Worth of Marijuana: She’s Released

The case of Patricia Spottedcrow gives you both tremendous faith and disgust with the criminal justice system.    The 26-year old mom from Oklahoma was just released after a two year stint in prison.  She’d been given a full 12-year sentence for the peculiar act of selling just $30 worth of marijuana to a police informant.

This was her first felony conviction and it was non-violent.   After she was sent to prison, a large and vocal group of people around the world have rallied to her defense.   Her sentence was first reduced from 12 years to eight, but that wasn’t enough.  Six months ago, the Oklahoma State Pardon and Parole board granted parole to the young woman.

Now that she has been paroled, the mother has to do 120 days at a community correction facility.   Spottedcrow’s mother, Dee Starr, was also charged in connection with the $30 crime and is serving probation for her 30-year prison sentence.

“We’ve got a new road to travel and we’re gonna travel it together,” Starr said.

The case is catching national interest as a poster child for what’s wrong with the War on Drugs.  Millions of people, most of them black, have received very long prison sentences for selling small amounts of drugs.  There are increasing calls to the Obama Administration to re-sentence many of these individuals, a large percentage of whom  were sentenced under federal guidelines.


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