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Inmates Allege Prison Guards Forced Them to Rub Hot Sauce on Their Private Areas For Fun

One of the central problems of prisons management seems to be that the vocation attracts abusers who thrive on inflicting pain on others. 

Case and point, North Carolina prison officials are calling for an investigation of inmate’s  claims  that prison guards forced them to rub hot sauce on their gen*tals, resulting in burns and blisters.

According to the N.C. Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Pamela Walker, officials have asked the State Bureau of Investigation to review conduct at Sampson Correctional Institution.

One prison staff member has been put on leave while another has been reassigned while officials conduct their investigation. The names of those who allegedly took part in the abuse have not yet been released.

“Upon review of an internal investigation, (the Division of Adult Correction) has referred the inmate allegations to the SBI for their review and any subsequent actions they deem appropriate,” Walker said. “DAC considers the allegations to be serious and the alleged actions in violation of policy, which warrants further review by management.”

It all began when, in July, six inmates from Sampson sent a hand-written letter to the U.S. District Court in Greensboro complaining that staff had forced them to perform numerous humiliating acts for the entertainment of guards. Those who performed the humiliating acts were rewarded with easy jobs, beer, and cigarettes.

In the letter, the inmates also asked for the court’s aid in helping them file lawsuits against the prison guards responsible.





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