Eddie Murphy Listed as the Most Overpaid Actor in Hollywood

We’re not sure what happens to your career once you receive such a dubious distinction, but Eddie Murphy has gotten a form of recognition he’d probably rather not receive.  The great one Murphy was selected by Forbes as the most over-paid actor in all of Hollywood.  But still, Eddie is a legend, at least among people of color.  You have to also admit that his last three films haven’t done so well.

Eddie was also shunned by the establishment for stepping out of the hosting gig at the Oscars a couple of years ago.  He did win a supporting actor nomination for his 2007 role in “Dream Girls,” but not much else has happened in his career.

Murphy’s latest films, “Imagine That,”“Tower Heist” and “A Thousand Words”  brought in a combined total of just $196 million.  Even twenty years ago, his films “48 Hrs.,” “Trading Places” and “Beverly Hills Cop” earned a total of $316 million.  Back then, ticket prices were far cheaper than they are today.   Forbes estimates  that for ever dollar Murphy was paid, he brought in $2.30 at the box office.  Not such a good track record from the man we love so much.

But Murphy isn’t struggling. He is worth an extraordinary $80 million dollars, and he was also paid $10 million for his role in Shrek. But these paydays are far removed from the early part of the century, when he could command $20 million for each role.


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  1. yall damn damn well his 80's movies are EASILY his best.Its never been about money.Most comedy's suck so leave Eddie alone.Adam Sandlers movies suck! lets talk about that.

  2. I think we need to see him come back an do stand up, that's I'm waiting on.

  3. Eddie is the man. He's the greatest living comedy legend on earth & he has the numbers & fans to prove it. THAT'S why they hate on him. How do you diss somebody for making $80 million & influencing every single comic alive right now? You can't.

  4. we still love him: his worth is invaluable. fuck forbs they think they are the scale of the world! they should go and measure the wealth of the ROTHCHILD! MOTHERFUCKERS!

  5. Eddie is the man. I don't care about his personal life, his accomplishments are phenomenal. they parade Adam Sandler, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, David Spade, etc. around like they are comedic geniuses and they suck! Yet they still green light every piece of garbage movie that they make. Eddie has done, classics, SNL, Life, BHC, The Clumps (7 Characters), Coming to America, etc, and Imagine That, Daddy Daycare, and Tower Heist were pretty good. People need to stop the Eddie Murphy backlash because eddie is a national treasure.

  6. This is the true nature of perverted white male catholic…

    When he can no longer build you up, make money off of you, he tries to bring you down in the eyes of the public…

    The sad part is that the public is in love with the perverted catholic…

  7. He should be paid well, he usually plays more than one role in his movie.

  8. He still loved that's ur opinion ass hole wats ur worth