Deranged Man Hurls Queens Dad to His Death at Times Square Subway Station

He died a hero. The Queens father who was pushed to his death by a seemingly deranged man at a New York subway platform was trying to help others before he was pushed over the platform and crushed.

Witness Umar Abbasi, who tried to stop the train from crushing the man, told the New York Post “I just started running, running, hoping that the driver could see my flash.”

He later recounted what he saw, saying the train crushed the man “like a ragdoll.”

“There was blood coming out his mouth. We couldn’t do CPR. He wasn’t in the right position. and there was just no way to get him out of there” said another witness.

 Witnesses described first  hearing screaming, then seeing people flee from the direction of the platform.
The killer, a black man in his 30’s or 40’s, was last seen running out of the station’s 47th Street exit heading northbound on Seventh Avenue. The man was described by witnesses as a homeless panhandler who had been harassing people in the subway.
The  altercation occurred when the victim, Ki Suk Han, 58,tried to calm the homeless man down, telling him that he was scaring people. Witnesses then say the panhandler started screaming, “You don’t know me!” and then proceeded to push Han over the platform.
Another witness recalls seeing the suspect,  saying, “As I was running toward the train, the man I believe pushed him ran the other way, and I heard him say, ‘Godd*mn motherf–ker.’

Han was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.



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  3. James there are educated murderers out here to, of many nationalities!!!

  4. If you heard the uncut video you'd have seen the homeless guy telling the victim to leave him alone and get out of his face…. Also, the victim was drunk and angry from a fight he'd just had with his woman, and he stormed out of the house and wound up at the subway… Still a sad situation all the same…. smdh #whatstheworldcomingtoofast.

  5. No matter whether the man was deranged or not someone had the opportunity to take a photo, in focus, of the victim before his death so I do not believe all was done to save him. New Yorkers turn a blind eye to many social atrocities every single day. Let's be real for a change.

  6. A father is dead and for what…the man whatever his state of mind…wz smart enough to flee the scene…so crazy, demonic, derranged won't a good plea. Bottom line is a husband, father, someone's son is dead…when I wz mugged on the A train, I did nothing to that man. I had a crutch, backpack, leg in a brace up past my knee! I wz able to fight him help given. His eyes told me he didn't care about me and could kill me…my eyes said oh hell no! Not today..transit wz called. I wz taken to Harlem Hosp. Transt told me..they have no control over who uses public transportation!! You ride at your own risk. The man who attacked me had no soul, no light in his eyes. I wz Blessed to get away with my life. I pray for the family of the slain man…sorrowful times are here for the long haul…smh 1 Love DC Misty..stay alert and stand away from the platforms..most of all Pray each day you or fam leaves home. Pray over each other..

  7. I think they may have called him deranged because one would HAVE TO BE to do what he did. Ordinary people don't do mess like this. Maybe he's on meds and didn't take them, who knows. Either way, to me, he's just another ASSHOLE who has NO RESPECT for human LIFE!!!! also, showcased in the words he said AFTER he pushed the man. I hope they find him and bury his ass under the jail or execute him the DAY AFTER his sentencing (if it's death).

  8. Why is the man being called deranged? Could be just another Black man acting out in rage because he was not capable of sparing verbally.
    with someone who may have had a greater grasp of the English language, and got his feels hurt because he felt he was being talked down too. Another reason for education!

  9. Probably a COINTELPRO Setup, they use homeless people or pretend homeless people to engage their demonic activity.