Christine Beatty, Former Mistress and Chief of Staff to Ex Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick, Files Bankruptcy

Ex Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is a defeated man with little hope of  ever rekindling a political career because, as it stands, he is still doing battle with the feds. But when a politician falls, he doesn’t just take down himself, he takes down all of his political loyalists with him.

Christine Beatty was a loyalist, Kilpatrick’s former Chief of Staff, who also just happened to be his lover as well. And when Kilpatrick’s career went down in the flames of ineptitude and corruption, so did Beatty’s.

She has now filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy, claiming she owes almost $390,000 in liabilities, but has less than $85,000.

Beatty left Detroit, relocating to Georgia after the salacious text message scandal landed her in jail for perjury. She’s currently employed at a law firm as a consultant.

According to court documents, Beatty earned over $100,000 last year, but so far this year, she’s earned less than a third of that.

This is not enough to pay down her debts, which are immense:  “a $220,000 mortgage for a Detroit home now worth only $53,000,  $33,000 in student loans and $42,000 owed on a Ford Explorer. There are smaller expenses too, like a $95 parking ticket in Dallas, where Kilpatrick former lover now lives.” 

Beatty only estimates that she has around $3,000 in total assets, including household goods and jewelry.

In addition to all of the debt she owes, she is also being forced to pay restitution to the city of Detroit, payments which her lawyer says she will continue to make.

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  1. Sad. So talented, with so much promise. Won’t stand in judgment, but her life, as well as that of Kilpatrick’s, will forever serve as a cautionary tale to everyone of just how damaging making the wrong choices can be and how costly the price when the “bill” comes due.

  2. She was a grown woman and knew what she was doing and unfortunately she had to “go down with the ship.”

  3. Her Fault… I bet she Askn her self Now was Dick Really Worth FN Up her Career huh was it dat Damn Good or wat?? WIW….

  4. Please stop putting unnecessary information on this site. Do you want is top go where else for our news?