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Used Car Salesman Shoots Boss In the Neck After Unproductive Meeting

A man had an argument with his boss one day, and on the next day, he returned to shoot him in the neck, according to police.

Police say used car salesman Keith Edward Grimmet had an unpleasant meeting with his boss on Thursday, so he returned to work the next day – and shot  him.

Co-workers allege that Grimmet rushed into the Mac Haik dealership in Houston and shot his boss, Robert Kuentz, in the neck. Kuentz is expected to survive the shooting.

Grimmet turned himself in on Friday and has been charged with aggravated assault.

“I’m just kind of tormented right now,” said co-worker Andriko Gibson. “I just pray he pulls through.”

According to police, Grimmet was upset over an argument he’d had with his boss the previous day. Grimmet stormed into his boss’ office and told him he was unhappy about the way he’d been treated during the meeting, but before his boss even had an opportunity to respond, Grimmet pulled out a gun and shot him. After the shooting, Grimmet calmly walked away, according to co-workers.

“He’s regular guy,” Gibson said. “He’s a good guy. I don’t know where this came from.”

 Gibson, a sales associate, was not aware of any problems between Gimmet and his boss before the shooting.
“It’s just crazy,” he said. “Any one of us could have been killed today.”






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