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Singer Jennifer Hudson Chronicles Family Holiday Fun On Twitter

The holiday is upon us. Jennifer Hudson, fiancé David Ortunga, and their 3 year old son David Jr. have not wasted any time getting into the Christmas spirit. The family set out on an adventure to find the perfect tree and cut it down themselves. Hudson wrote, on twitter, “Our Christmas story! Time to find [our] Christmas tree!”

She chronicled the entire event (along with pictures), step by step with son in tow, as they went along. Hudson said, “Skipping n singing our fav Christmas songs!!”  “Munch thought he saw Santa in the sky,”David Jr. got the privilege of picking out his own tree, a small fir, fit for the little one. Then it was on to finding the big tree. It took Ortunga a while to cut down the tree, but Santa’s helper, David Jr,. was right there with the cart to help his dear ol’ dad.

This was the perfect time for Hudson to relax, as pretty soon she will be knee deep in work, for the holiday season. It was announced, on Thursday that she will be joining actors, Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett in the movie adaptation of  Harlem Renaissance poet and writer Langston Hughes’s, Black Nativity. In it she will play a mother to a teenager who is sent to his grandparent’s (Whitaker and Bassett) for Christmas.

She is also set to join original Dreamgirl, Sheryl Lee Ralph, in a guest role appearance for the television series, Smash. The season kicks off February 5th on NBC.


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