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Man Allegedly Killed Roommate Over Missing Corn Dog

Food is essential to life, that’s for sure, but it’s certainly not reason enough to take a life. This is especially true for crappy carnival foods, like corn dogs.

However, a Florida man is in jail for stabbing his roommate to death over a missing corn dog. Police say  Corey Lamont Walker, 36, admitted to murdering his roommate, Anthony Kimball Smith, with a butcher knife when his carnival crap dog came up missing,  Broward-Palm Beach New Times reports.

“It’s hard to imagine someone taking a life over something so trivial,” police spokesman Mike Puetz said.

The two roommates were living in a transitional living facility with four other roommates at the time of the attack. Another roommate at the facility called police and told them there’d been a stabbing over some corn dogs.

“It appears that somebody pilfered a corn dog from him,” Puetz added. “He was the only one there with corn dogs.”

 At first, Walker accused a different roommate of stealing the corn dogs, before finally settling on Smith.
Police found the knife used in the killing in the kitchen sink.
Walker will have plenty of time to sit in jail and ponder why he killed a man over something so small.
He is being held on $500,00o bond.


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