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Katt Williams Arrested at Bar For Throwing Cigarettes and Rocks at People

Someone should call Guinness Book of World Records, because Katt Williams must’ve broken a record for having the most arrest in 30 days, his latest arrest coming after a bar fight in Seattle.

Williams was arrested Sunday night for threatening bar patrons with a pool cue, among other things.

According to witnesses, Williams was threatening the bar manager and refused to leave when asked. He later followed a family outside the bar and allegedly threw a cigarette at a woman who was getting into her car, hitting her in the eye. As the car took off, he threw a rock at it.

Having a hard time keeping up with Katt Williams’ shenanigans? Here’s a running list, with the most recent shenanigans listed first.

  • Katt was in a Target in Sacramento and hit an employee in the facefor reasons unknown. In the video, the two were arguing and suddenly, Katt hits the guy in the face.   The employee then pulled out a phone and called the police. Katt then jumps into an electric cart  and takes off.
  • Williams was on driving down a Sacramento, California sidewalk on a  three wheel motorized vehicle on Sunday when police attempted to pull him over. Williams refused to be pulled over and apparently took off on his tricycle, then began zig-zagging and driving down the wrong side of the street. When police took Williams’ helmet off, he became defiant, yelling “I’m not going to stop!”
  • Concert goers are suing Katt Williams for a 10 minute botched comedy show,  saying that on November 16, Katt  ”confronted a heckler, took his clothes off, and attempted to fight at least three audience members.”
  • Williams hit someone over the head with a bottle at a club in Oakland last night, and was subsequently arrested by police.
  • The comedian was also recently in the news for allegedly pulling a gun out on Faizon Love and was sued for $5 million dollar for allegedly punching his female assistant.
And those are just the most recent run-ins in Katt Williams’ life. Keep him in your prayers.





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