Is Jordan Davis the New Trayvon Martin? Not Quite

Some are saying that the shooting of 17-year old Jordan Davis is similar to that of Trayvon Martin.  Both were 17-years old and shot by a man who wasn’t black.  Jordan was playing loud music and confronted by a man who eventually opened fire on him.  As a result, Michael David Dunn has been arrested and charged with murder, and Davis is dead.

Jacob Jordan at The Huffington Post says that the cases have some obvious similarities, but striking differences that should be noted.  First and foremost, the shooting of Davis had witnesses, while the Martin case did not. This makes it easier for police to figure out what happened.  Secondly, the two didn’t fight that night before the shooting, as did Martin and George Zimmerman.  Finally, Davis was arrested and charged with murder on the spot, and Zimmerman was not.

The shooting has led to an outpouring of support for the teen, which he may not have received if he’d been like the dozens of other teens who’ve been killed by black men in the last month.    But there is still something strongly political about a black teen being shot by a white man, and this continues to play itself out in the Jordan case.

Jordan’s father, Ron Davis, said that his son’s death should lead to changes in the law.

“Law enforcement should be the only people who should have guns on the street,” he said. “That’s what’s killing our kids more than anything.”

Dunn is claiming that he saw a gun that night, but Davis’ father doesn’t believe him.

“They were just 17-year-old kids that were having a good time, coming from the mall,” he said.

“This case is so far from Trayvon Martin’s case,” Ron Davis said.

University of Miami law professor Tamara Lave, who has closely followed the Martin case, agreed.

“I don’t see how he is going to prevail under `stand your ground,'” Lave, a former public defender in San Diego for 10 years, said of Dunn. “You’re allowed to own a gun. Even if there was a gun in the car, that doesn’t mean the gun was used to threaten him in any way.”



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  1. It would seem more people are getting killed since the passage of this “stand your ground” law than before. Ironically, the majority are white on black shootings, as if the black community needs any help killing their own. I agree, only law enforcement should be armed in public. Even the most moral minded person changes when carrying a firearm. It imposes a burden most can’t handle responsibly. That law should be removed from all states, period.

  2. This is why change must come…we must become pro citizens and get more involved in the laws of the land; for the befit of our children. "Let's become doer of the word".

  3. I can only wish that Jordan Davis could have killed that devil while he was approaching him with his gun, then we can see what this stand your ground law is all about. That's a pure bred of a coward to mess with these kids, he wouldn't done that was grown men that may have guns they only do that kind of thing when they know that they have the advantage. Cowards.Zimmerman out free I hope someone kill him and his family and that punk that killed Jordan.

  4. IMO, Zimmerman was a p***y. He shot Trayvon because he got his a** whooped for running up on him after he was told by a 911 dispatcher not to confront him (Trayvon). If some random person ran up on me while I’m walking, minding my business, and unarmed you can best believe I’m gonna give them the business!! IMO once again, I would like to see both men locked up in GENERAL POPULATION and let the homies get ahold of him!! Bet both of their punk a***s would be crying for a CO. Stand your ground then ya chumps!!


  6. The main difference between this and Trayvon Martin is that the killer was immediately locked up. The police didnt get caught trying to let this man walk free..

  7. The main difference between this and Trayvon Martin is that the killer was immediately locked up. The police didnt get caught trying to let this man walk free..

  8. this is a sad world we live in today……

  9. As far as I’m concerned…they both DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE…period. Derrick you are right, if it was Black on Black these slaves would have been calling them animals, how they should burn in hell, fry and put under the jail never to see the light of day again. They would have been calling them everything under the sun…but they are giving THIS animal a pass. If they turned this animal over to these slaves and told them to give him what he deserves and nothing will happen to them, they would be to scared to lay a finger on him. Talking about Jesus and forgiveness. SMH!

  10. correction: this cracker’s name is dunn ^ NOT DAVIS

    • Unfortunately Travons parents didnt come right out and express anger as i believe they should have. all due respect. instead they took a forgiving posture and i personally think it makes all of the difference.

      • In footage & pics that I saw, they seemed truly grief-stricken (which probably overwhelmed any tendency toward anger). They were grieving the unexpected & sudden loss of their son–with no forthcoming information on how or why he died, serving to compound their grief.

  11. “Davis was arrested and charged with murder on the spot, and Zimmerman was not.”

    THIS IS A LIE! This cracker left the scene, and fled to ANOTHER STATE before he turned his murderous azz in THE NEXT DAY!!! He claimed he was searching for an attorney!!! AIN’T THAT A BYTCH?

    Then the bas*turd lied and said the young brothers had a weapon in the suv, which the police said, NO WEAPONS WERE FOUND OR IN THE SUV!!! This yankee is lying so he can use that racist ‘stand your ground’ law, which only protects caucasoids.

    I don’t know, who is reporting this lie, but get your FACTS straight before y’all attempt to make this murderous criminal seem innocent. He shot at the suv 8-9 times, and 2 bullets struck this INNOCENT brother, who was doing NOTHING, but sitting in his suv.

    I’ll bet my life, if a cracker boy was playing loud music next to this cracker, he would not have said anything, but since these brothers were Black, HE KILLED ONE OF THEM JUST FOR PLAYING LOUD MUSIC.

    If he doesn’t like loud music, why doesn’t he go shoot these white rock bands, who play loud music ALL THE godda*mn time?

    There are NO similarities to this case versus Trayvon’s case. This cracker’s name is davis, the other cracker’s name is zimmerboy. Every 36 hours a Black man is murdered by a yankee!!!

    When Black men, and our youth are murdered, y’all always want to compare the two just because they are Black!!! He was 17 like Trayvon, so what? He didn’t deserve to be MURDERED…period.

    This white beast does not need to be back on the streets. He should be electrocuted TODAY!!! I ain’t like these chicken-hearted negroids, who are scared to voice their opinions about this matter just because it’s a honkey.

    If it was a Black man, who shot this brother, this blog would be full of negative comments, but since this is a cracker, these weak azz negroids are scared to voice their REAL opinions.