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Has The Kevin Clash Scandal Put an End to Elmo?

Daniel Kravetz, longtime publicist for "Sesame Street," discusses the future of Elmo and whether or not the character can prosper following the Kevin Clash sex scandal.


Ever since molestation allegations were pinned onto “Sesame Street” puppeteer Kevin Clash, many people question whether or not his character Elmo stands a fighting chance of being one of the most sought-after characters on the show.

Public relations guru Daniel Kravetz and Huffington Post executive arts and entertainment editor Michael Hogan believe Elmo still stands a chance of being a childhood favorite. “I don’t think [Elmo] needs to go,” Kravetz said. “I think what this really comes down to is the dichotomy between the art and the artist. And the clash of the two, so to speak. I think over time, people are going to separate the two.”

Hogan, speaking from a business standpoint on the matter, believes Hasbro Toys, Inc, which manufactures the Sesame Street toy line, would be financially destroyed if Elmo were to be shelved. “Doesn’t Hasbro lose like a zillion dollars if Elmo goes away? Don’t they have a vested interest in fixing this character?” he wondered.

Do you believe Elmo will remain a “Sesame Street” favorite following the Kevin Clash scandal?

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