Has The Kevin Clash Scandal Put an End to Elmo?

Daniel Kravetz, longtime publicist for "Sesame Street," discusses the future of Elmo and whether or not the character can prosper following the Kevin Clash sex scandal.

Ever since molestation allegations were pinned onto “Sesame Street” puppeteer Kevin Clash, many people question whether or not his character Elmo stands a fighting chance of being one of the most sought-after characters on the show.

Public relations guru Daniel Kravetz and Huffington Post executive arts and entertainment editor Michael Hogan believe Elmo still stands a chance of being a childhood favorite. “I don’t think [Elmo] needs to go,” Kravetz said. “I think what this really comes down to is the dichotomy between the art and the artist. And the clash of the two, so to speak. I think over time, people are going to separate the two.”

Hogan, speaking from a business standpoint on the matter, believes Hasbro Toys, Inc, which manufactures the Sesame Street toy line, would be financially destroyed if Elmo were to be shelved. “Doesn’t Hasbro lose like a zillion dollars if Elmo goes away? Don’t they have a vested interest in fixing this character?” he wondered.

Do you believe Elmo will remain a “Sesame Street” favorite following the Kevin Clash scandal?

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  1. Yeah, Klash created a whole new meaning for “tickle me Elmo”. Seriously, I’m a little torn, meaning I know Elmo was an innocent character that for years have been part of our lives. Some us grew up with Elmo and now our children are friends to Elmo, but it’s sort of difficult to disassociate Kevin Klash from Elmo. I think I’m gonna opt to put Elmo to rest. Too bad, but Elmo’s Puppeteer has soiled Elmo by association. Poor little guy is probably tired anyway carrying around all of that garbage and I’m not speaking about Grover’s!

  2. Give Elmo a break. He didn't do anything wrong. It is not as though clash used Elmo to lure little children to his house to molest them.

  3. I am very disappointed because "I" truly love Elmo. I have every Elmo doll there is! He (Elmo) will loose some followers, but he will go on. They have too much at stake to cut Elmo altogether.

  4. This is too much! While I don't approve of Clash's wrong doings, Elmo on the other hand (the character) should not be penalized. Kids across america would be heart broken if that were to happen. I for one, need Elmo in my household! He gets the job done so I can get mine done. : ) Trash, Clash! Leave Elmo alone.

  5. Frances Godschild DeLoach

    After careful reconsideration, I think they should replace the voice behind Elmo… I admit, I won't be buying the toy for my 6-year-old son because of this anymore unless they change the person behind the character… My religion is completely against this type of person and where my religion goes, that's where I go… It took me time to re-evaluate my religious thoughts and beliefs and while I always says 'as long as it doesn't interfere with my world, I'm good', this would greatly affect me AND my son in the long run… No more Elmo for us… And yes, I'm going to be throwing away a lot of Elmo clothing… This can't be patched, fixed or anything… I think I'll even turn off Sesame Street until this gets reinvented and they decide to publicly announce that they are getting rid of Clash… Sorry, this country has given enough and I've accepted… It stops here… So long… The only post I Want to see next is 'Sesame has officially removed Clash from the Sesame Street family…

    • I thought he resigned after the third boy came forward… I may be wrong

    • Cklash resigned a few weeks ago. but due to the taping of the show, you will hear his voice through at least 2013 and possible 2014, depending on how many tapings they have.

      As for getting rid of Elmo, I can separate the doll from the person behind the doll. At this age, my 5yr old doesn't even know who Clash is, She only knows Elmo. As a grand parent, that is my job, to make sure she doesn't know about the person behind the puppet. As adults, that is what we need to do. When you pull Elmo from your child, what are you going to say? Are you going to tell him the truth or will you lie to him? And for the record, if you lie to them then that makes you no better than the person you see an "unfit". If adults would claim the f*** down and let this be handled by Clash, Sesame Street, the accusers then Elmo can and will be fine.
      I, for one will not be getting rid of any of my Elmo stuff!

    • @Frances Godschild DeLoach – You and your child have loved Elmo all this time, right? Mr. Clash has been a homosexual the entire time, right? Elmo is not the one that did anything that would "affect your world" in a negative way – it was Clash. Why should it make any difference? In addition, do you know the private lives of all of the voices behind the muppets? These people could be doing all kinds of things that you will probably never hear about.

    • AMEN to that! Leave the character alone. And, the kids will know what their parents tell them about this. There could be dozens of people doing the same thing but folks don't think that way – only the gossip they hear. Whether true or not.