Ever Think about How HIV is Related to the Prison Industrial Complex?

Do you ever wonder if there is a connection between the growth in HIV infection rates and the prison industrial complex?  The care of prison inmates can affect the rest of us, since inmates sleep with women and men once they are released from prison.  By marginalizing convicted felons and not managing the mass incarceration epidemic, we are putting everyone at risk,  especially those in the black community.

Sandy Guillaume, writing a piece for Feminist Wire, talks about the stigma of HIV for prison inmates who’ve been infected.    She starts her piece by stating that she grows tired of pretending that we are working together to solve the AIDS epidemic.

As the United States prepared to mark another World AIDS Day (WAD), I wondered to myself: What catchy slogan will be used this year to call attention to the never-ending fight to eradicate HIV/AIDS? This year’s slogan, “Working Together for an AIDS-Free Generation,” assumes that we are actually “working together.” But are we working together? Or, have some of us resigned ourselves to the position of passerby, hoping that HIV will just pass us by?

As a formerly incarcerated individual herself, Guillaume says that she’s seen how HIV-positive inmates are treated in prison.  Many of them are forced to live in fear and receive substandard treatment.   This can, according to the author, lead to addition transmission of the disease, since some might fear that disclosing their status can lead to additional humiliation.

Protecting our society from the spread of HIV must become a top priority both inside and outside prison walls.  African Americans are most likely to be incarcerated and are also in the worst condition of all races when it comes to STD infections.  The spread of these diseases often start in our nation’s penitentiaries, so awareness might be a good place to start.

You can read more of what the author has to say at this link. 

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  1. You are right education is the key but of a person infected needing the supports they should be available. We must stop the judgement leave that to King Jesus. Emapthy is a part of everyones character we all poses it but so few of us use it. So HIV is not a gay disease so that theory is so wrong. I am HIV+ Never had intercourse with a male, I have had unprotected sex with many females and married a woman who happened to be infected with the virus. I loved her and point no fingers ever at my becoming infected. I foundout my positive status on my birthday in 2003. I am an AIDS activist advocate and educator/writer. True the rules of engagement have changed once you factor into the cross-hairs HIV/AIDS and STI's, some of which can be transmitted with or without a condom. That is why education is so important. We must be unafraid to open a dialogue in our home, schools, churches and social groups on issues connective to HIV/AIDS and STI's.

  2. I realize people don't want to hear the truth but we were created to have one sexual partner in the form of a spouse until death do we part! When you do you! and do you your way you get all sorts of STD'S. We haven't seen nothing yet! I wasn't always able to make this statement but when God's Word (Bible) taught me better I did better!

  3. The United States Government, during the 1980’s hired Dr. Myron Essex, a veterinarian, as the head of the AIDS/HIV war in the US. Dr. Essex in the 1970’s did a study on the Biology of Feline Leukemia Virus and found how this AIDS/HIV like virus in cats was spread. He placed healthy cats in a room and among them placed cats known to have the Feline Leukemia Virus and because cats, like people, rub and lick on one another, it was later found that the healthy cats became infected. His work was proof how AIDS/HIV was spread those infected to those uninfected. The documented proof given by Dr. Robert B Strecker, AIDS/HIV was intentionally spread through Medical Injection Programs.

    So the relation of AIDS/HIV within the prison systems should be obvious, close contact of individuals in cells.

    To better understand the true cause of AIDS/HIV look at the Video, “The Strecker Memorandum”, by Dr. Robert B. Strecker. Look online for “WHO Murdered Africa”, by Dr. William Campbell Douglas. The in-depth details of AIDS/HIV can be found in the book, “Full Disclosure”, by Dr. Gary L Glum. For possible cures read, Olive Leaf Extract, by Morton Walker, or read “The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens: The True Story of The Efforts to Suppress an Alternative Treatment for Cancer, AIDS and Other Immunologically Based Diseases”, by Christopher Bird.

    J. Burns, UMOJA Research, Since 1986.

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  4. Blaa Blaa Blaa people are always talking about what the black community needs to do to stop this deadly disease there is a soloution plain and simple if you are not married keep your legs closed and your pants zipped if you are married don’t defile your bed with other men and women stay faithful to your wife/husband both fornication, adultery,and homosexuality is the culprit of this disease and until sociey wake up and teach people what the root cause is this pandemic will continue no medicine will eradicate it