Black Couple Claims Racist Pizza Workers Attacked Them, Added “This is For Obama!”

Remember Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing, with all the racial overtones, and “how come there are no black people on the wall?” sentiment? Well one couple claims to have encountered racist restaurant owners first hand.

An African couple, Willie and Alfie Marshall,  claim they were attacked both verbally and physically by two racist Long Island pizza workers last week.

The couple claims that after they began complaining about two slices of pizza  being stuck to a bag at Paesano II Pizza in Greenlawn last Saturday, two workers flew into a racist rage.

The attorney for the couple says the pizza workers shouted racial insults at the couple, with one even adding, “This is For Obama!”

You tell me what that means?” the couple’s  attorney, J. Stewart Moore, asked.

The couple says that the pizza workers, brothers, Mike and Frank Meringolo, refused to issue them a refund, instead preferring to hurl the N-word at them. They even seemed to be getting a kick out of it, going so far as to throw salt and pepper shakers at them as they were trying to exit the pizza restaurant. That’s when the fight turned physical, and the pizza brothers attacked the couple.

“He stomped me in my face again, then he made a racial slur — I don’t want to say it on the air, I don’t want to do that,” Willie Marshall said.

Marshall says he did not become violent until his wife was attacked:  “As I was going out the door, there were some chairs standing there, and quite naturally, when I saw the blood I got very angry and I kicked the chairs.”

The couple is still deciding whether or not they will sue the restaurant.



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  1. Are you kidding me they have to decide wheather to sue the rest., I would own that place and sue the two stupid brothers too. If they do not they DESERVE, what they got, that is giving them the right to be treated bad. SUE,SUE, LIKE you will die tomorrow.

  2. Sue those mountain goat guineas….hell they know they need to be sued!!!!Don’t think about it, just do it.

  3. I would go in there like AL Pacino with my gun in a Pacino face mask. “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND”!!!! And light the place up. And burn it down. I bet you they won’t the NIGGER WORD AGAIN!!!

  4. Haha @ all you idiots assuming their side of the story was the right one and forgetting that it is very possibly made up. Clearly there is more to the story just like Trayvon.

  5. I hope people will put them out of business take your money elsewhere. We need to learn how to prepare our own food and stop relaying on fast food to keep disrespecting our people. just a thought.

  6. In 2008 Staten Island gave 89% of their vote to John McCain and most of the trash that lives on the Island comes from Queens, Brooklyn and Manhattan. You ever hear of white flight to Long Island?

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    I bet they are xtians!!!

    This is slavery as its finest. He got angry, and kicked the chairs! He should’ve kicked their racist azzes. This is unbelievable. What is wrong with these 2012 modern day new age slaves?



  10. Of course they should sue them.

  11. this is not the whole story this is just the black side of the story don't no body knows what really happen.

    • i lived on long island,and im not surprised at all that this happened that place is one of the most racist, anti black places in the country please sue those idiots for every dime the got by the way bill orielly and sean hannity are from long island need i say more

  12. There is only one thing a racist understand,that is RETALITATION,if be it legal or in defense physically. We as a people have turned the other cheek long enough. We now have supporter from all races and therefore,when ass holes such as these step on your rights,they need to be hit in that pocket book,racism has to be fought against constantly. These fellows need a lesson in how to live in a civil society or pay a price for ignorance…peace

  13. Are you kidding me, sue them today. Blacks must not turn their backs on even one instance of racial hatred. Blacks have been turning the other cheek for years.