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OMG: Katt Williams Hits Target Employee in the Face

If you’ve spent any time following the peculiar life of comedian Katt Williams, you are probably aware of the fact that it’s only a matter of time before he finds himself in prison.   Katt  has had numerous  public meltdowns lately, pulling guns on people, cussing out audience members and doing all kinds of things that make you think that he’s either suffering from serious mental illness or dealing with a drug problem.

The latest incident is probably  enough to keep him from getting too many movie deals in the  near future, because the man seems to have lost his mind.  TMZ says that the other day, Katt was in a Target in Sacramento and hit an employee in the face for reasons unknown.

In the video, the two were arguing and suddenly, Katt hits the guy in the face.   The employee then pulled out a phone and called the police. Katt then jumps into an electric cart  and takes off.  Oddly enough, Katt has not been arrested and charges have not been filed.  But if he keeps up at this pace, he’s going to find himself without a career.


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