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Kansas City Mayor On Witnessing a Suicide: ‘Think About Your Worst Nightmare And Multiply by Five’

Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Beltcher shot himself in front of head coach Romeo Cronnel and general manager Scott Pioli


NFL fans were utterly shocked to learn of the tragic murder-suicide incident that took place Saturday morning. Twenty-five-year-old Kansas City Chiefs linebacker, Jovan Belcher, killed his daughter’s mother in front of her mother and then killed himself in front of Kansas City Chiefs’ coach Romeo Crennel and general manager Scott Pioli.

Kansas City mayor Sly James spoke with reporters to discuss his conversation with Pioli following the tragedy. Of Pioli, James said “he’s very emotional about this” and declined to reveal his state of mind.

I can tell you that you have absolutely no idea of what it’s like to see somebody kill themselves,” James said. “If you can take your worst nightmare and then put somebody you know and love into that situation and give them a gun and stand 3 feet away from them and watch them kill themselves, that’s what it’s like. It’s unfathomable. It’s something that you would love to wash away from your mind, but you can’t do it. There’s nothing like it. There’s nothing like it. Think about your worst nightmare and multiply by five.”

James supported the team’s decision to play Sunday’s game saying “I think that they believe there’s an obligation to the people of this city and the fans of this team and the fans of the other team to proceed and go forward.” He continued: “Scott is extremely concerned about making sure the fans of this team are not disappointed or left out in the cold by any decision they make. He’s trying to do what’s right.” The NFL released a statement lending the team “our national team of professional counselors to support both the team and the families of those affected. We will continue to provide assistance in any way that we can.”

Of Beltcher, James said: “I just hope people will look at the act and not try to judge the person.” He continued: “There are a lot of things you don’t know, that people don’t knowThere are a lot of people who are hurting. There is a young baby without parents.”

Do you believe the team’s GM Scott Pioli made the right decision by proceeding with Sunday’s game?


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