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Jesse Herriott: The Black Church’s Response (or Lack thereof) to HIV/AIDS

By Jesse Herriott

HIV/AIDS in America is still a serious issue, and it’s an even bigger issue in other parts of the world. This Saturday marks World AIDS Day, and not to put down the religious proclivity of one ethnicity, namely my own, but you probably won’t hear the subject matter being addressed in many churches on the following Sunday.

Firstly, to cover a little information about HIV/AIDS; HIV is not the same as the AIDS virus. As a term, HIV represents the Human immunodeficiency virus, and it is a part of the retrovirus family that can cause AIDS, which is the Acquired immunodeficiency Syndrome if left untreated. As with any disease, ignorance of it, and lack of preventative methods increase the likelihood of mating with a partner that has it. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Religious community at-large, especially the Black church, to address the notion of sexuality and health, if you believe the statistics about HIV/AIDS and African-Americans.

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