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Erika Morant: Something Borrowed or Something Blue?

 “Why would a bride spend thousands of dollars on a dress she would only wear for a couple of hours, on one day of life?”, one may ask. Well some brides or bride-to-be hopefuls (me) have dreamt of their big day since they were little girls- many times executing the picture-perfect day vicariously through the lives of their Barbie dolls (or maybe that was only me).

While the dress could make or break the day for a bride, some brides have become creative in their quests, relentless even.  Former Bad Girl’s Club star, Natalie Nunn, during a recent episode of Bridezillas, employed both business savvy and what some may refer to as pure genius in the pursuit of her dream dress.  Nunn attempted to leverage her celebrity in a deal with a local wedding atelier. Nunn proposed wearing their design for her wedding in exchange for free publicity. 

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