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Hip-Hop Supercoon of the Week: Trinidad James “All Gold Everything”

Just when you think that black people can’t be fed a lower form of coonery, you see something that just takes it to another level.  A new rapper, Trinidad James, has given 2Chainz a run for his money with his new song “All Gold Everything.”  The video features the best of modern day buffoonery, giving the viewer a view of the dirtiest, most raggedy forms of hood life in America.  The video is full of guns,  weed, and all the other things that so many young black men use to kill themselves and each other.

Even more telling is that there are little children in the video seen directly emulating the older men around them.  This is the psychological killing field, where future Barack Obamas are destroyed and turned into ignorant zombies on the count down to spiritual and physical death.  We look forward to seeing BET do its part to make sure that all black boys are infected.

Some are trying to say that this rapper isn’t real and that the video is satire.  We certainly hope so. But we looked everywhere for clear evidence that he wasn’t real and couldn’t find any. Also, if you watch tv, the stuff he’s saying here isn’t a big stretch from what the other artists are doing..  So, if he’s joking in this video, most of us just don’t get it..

Check out the video here, you’ll get a kick out it. 

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