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Morgan State University Football Player Shot Outside of Dorm

A Morgan State University football player was shot outside of his dorm at around 1PM, according to police. One person of interest has been taken into custody by police, and others were seen being taken in by police in handcuffs, with bags covering their hands so as not to disturb any gun residue which might be present.

Even though the police don’t suspect that this shooting will spark additional violence, they are still taking precautions.

The Baltimore Sun reports:

Three dormitories in the Thurgood Marshall complex were cordoned off and a university spokesman said at least one dorm was being evacuated, though Morgan had issued an “all clear” for most of the campus.

“It looks as if grew from a dispute between two individuals and that dispute resulted in one person being shot,” said university spokesman Clint Coleman.

Students were understandably rattled because of the shooting, which is the second on campus shooting this year. Previously, a 19 year old was shot while visiting his cousin, also a football player. Some students expressed anxiety, saying that even though it’s time for finals, they’re having a hard time focusing.

Police have not provided any information as to what may have caused the dispute that resulted in the shooting.

Baltimore police say the victim’s wounds are not considered life threatening.



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