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Former ‘General Hospital’ Actress Booted From Plane and Arrested

If you’re a soap opera fan, then you probably remember that Senait Ashenafi played the role of Keesha Ward on General Hospital from 1994 to 1998.

As a matter of fact, in addition to General Hospital, Ashenafi had a string of guest staring roles on hit shows, including  The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, A Different World, and Mad About You. 

But like many actors and actresses with promising careers, it didn’t work out for Ashenafi as she grew older in the industry, and if you’re wondering what she’s up to these days, then we’re here to tell you that she’s been getting kicked off of planes.

Ashenafi was arrested at a Dallas airport last weekend for public intoxication after apparently causing quite the scene.

TMZ reports that the 46 year old actress was arrested after at DFW after the cops arrived and determined that Ashenafi was so drunk that she was a danger to herself and others.

Sources on board the plane say Ashenafi first became irate when she learned she was in coach and not first class. Then she grew even angrier when her carry on luggage was relegated to the back of the plane because of limited overhead space.

That’s when the actress threw a fit and allegedly pushed a flight attendant.

If you’re having trouble recognizing Ashenafi, here’s what she looked like in her General hospital days:

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