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Former Alabama Attorney General Bill Baxley Wrote Letter to KKK, It Reads: “Kiss My @ss”

Most politicians make it their business to kiss the @ss of whatever constituency requires an @a*s kissing at any given moment. That’s the norm. What we’re not accustomed to, however, is a politician telling a particular constituency to kiss his or her @a*s. But that’s exactly what former Alabama Attorney General did in a letter to the home grown terror group, the Ku Klux Klan,  back in the day.

The 1976 letter, in which Baxley writes only, “My response to your letter dated February 19, 1976, is – kiss my *a*s” [asterisk added] was recently unearthed by the website Letters of Note, and has quickly gone viral.

Here’s a bit of context offered by Letters of Note:

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