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Ex-CSI Star Gary Dourdan Avoids Jail Time For Domestic Violence

Gary Dourdan recently dodged a bullet when he made a deal to avoid jail time. The former “CSI” star was reportedly involved in a domestic violence dispute in which he allegedly broke his ex-girlfriend’s nose. According to TMZ, Dourdan will not be going to jail but he does have some very strict and specific orders to stay away from his ex-girlfriend.

Last year, TMZ broke the story that Dourdan was arrested in November after a fight at his Venice, California home, between him and his now ex-girlfriend. Now the former “CSI” star is reported to have negotiated a deal with prosecutors to avoid jail time. In exchange for staying out of jail, Dourdan was required to enter a no contest plea.

In order to stay out of the slammer, Dourdan will be on probation for five years. He will be required to participate in a year of  domestic violence counseling and he will not be allowed to go anywhere near the victim for a least five years.

While reports have not specified that Dourdan was on drugs at the time that the altercation between him and his ex-girlfriend happened, he has also been ordered to undergo drug counseling.

In 2008 Dourdan was arrested in Palm Springs because a Police officer located “suspected cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, miscellaneous prescription drugs and paraphernalia” in his possession. He was later arrested again in 2011 for drug possession. The 2011 drug possession charges were later dropped and later that year, he had the altercation with is ex-girlfriend.

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