Dad Shows Up at School, Demands to Know: “Who’s F****ing My Daughter?”

Everyone is embarrassed of their parents in high school, but one New York dad has taken embarrassing his child to a  whole new level. On Wednesday, Michael Canaii showed up at his daughter’s school, High School  of Graphic Communications in New York City, and demanded to know “who was f*cking his daughter.”

The New York Post reports: “He was yelling and complaining that his daughter was smoking weed and not listening to him, and he wanted the school to do something about that.”

One male student decided to make a smart comment to Canaii, which resulted in the father chasing the student back into school. That’s when the irate dad began swinging a heavy chain with a padlock and demanding to speak with his daughter and the school’s principal.

“[He] asked two students to take their stuff off and fight him in the lobby,” a source said. “He also asked security agents and a dean to ‘fight’ him as he was swinging a big chain around yelling, ‘No one is going to touch me.’ ”

When police arrived at the scene, they not only touched Canaii, they arrested him as well. Canaii was taken to the hospital for medical treatment after his arrest and then arraigned in Manhattan Criminal Court and held in lieu of a $5,000 bond or $1,000 cash bail.

Canaii’s lawyer says his client went to the school because he feared that his daughter was involved with drugs and gangs. Other than acting a fool at the school, sources say he’s an all around good dad.




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  1. I also did something of sort at my son”s school today he is a parole officer,husband,father,and an ex marine,he tell’s the story every chance he get”s about how i made him look at the road he was going down.

  2. Oooooookaay! I bet she get some act right now, because the school will never stop to let that story go, lol! This has made history!!!

  3. Well at least he came forward and showed his daughter he is not having 'it." He went overboard with it but if more parents would show interest it would cut out some of this ironic behavior our childre-youth exhibit in this hour.

  4. Kudos to Dad for caring. I would've left the chain at home however! Old skool parenting= less disrespectful children!!

  5. I feel sorry for Dad. Women are sexually liberated. He's wasting his time.

  6. The title is hilarious!

  7. Codrington C. Dapp

    Why do negroes always love to show their ass in public?

  8. @Stephanie were I a male in that school, I would turn and go the other way when seeing Mr Canaii's daughter. Oh that right, he is the odd man down, he cares about his daughter's well beng. Leave it to the news Black men do not care about their children.

  9. The dad is straddling two worlds. You can't handle things that way, but sadly that's the way some still think you can.

  10. The black community needs fathers like this, lol.

  11. hes a dumb as nigga raise youre dauther better and she wont be fucking and getting high.

  12. Ah ha ha ha!!!! Corbin56, that was very funny! OMG!! I’ts early!

  13. My daughter has 3 older brothers who will all have chains with locks on them. If that's not enough, well daddy has guns ;).

  14. Sometimes it is actually good to have the dad absent from the home.

  15. If we took the same approach to all our children in the important aspects of their lives there would be less crime, drugs, rapes, single parents, gangs, low performance in the academic arena. Trust me that may have been extreme but with the way the youth have no focus or discipline just know all parents cared enough for there family they would sacrifice there lives.

  16. Good for him, just saw a video of a girl giving a blow job in the class room and the class was giggling and laughing some teenagers are just don't have morals

  17. Wow he scared me just by his appearance…

  18. Do what u have to do to take care of your
    child.He could have done it different.I dnt blame.Need more fathers that care.

  19. Darlene Billups Anderson

    Now you see that the public system has no oversight for Black children they are allow to act out any way and then when they cross the line the police are call in my people handle your children at home!

  20. I cant say that I blame him… Kids are so disrespectful now days and he refuses to lose the respect of his daughter, and refuses to let her disrespect herself by havng sex as a teen. He said she has been smoking weed and not minding him well I betcha she will mind him now… U have to scare your kids now days and love them not be there bestfriends like so many parents do now… & this dad just displayed TRUE FATHERLY LOVE t me anyways… I give him a standing ovation… we need more fathers that will potect their kids and just maybe that will lower the percentage of childhood STD's.

  21. Well, I have been up to the school before about mine and…..I kinda understand…..a little extreme for me, but I understand….

  22. Peter Tenaz Montero

    This Dad just became my idol haha

  23. Yep that's 1 that lost his entire mind…..

  24. Stephanie Jointer-Parker

    Well, he just scared all the boys at the school. If she was having sex she's not now!

    • Sadly boys are sadistic and will now target her more. Some just to have a laugh at the dad's expense. Other will be genuinely going through puberty and thus horny as shit and will figure she's a "sure thing". Her reputation as a smut is going to follow her around a lot more thanks to the Dad rash behavior. He would of been wiser talking to his daughter and school staff privately and respectfully. That make of reached the girl by showing all the adults in her life concern. Embarrassing the hell out of her will only make her act out more. This article is also salt in the wound.

    • Chris, youre a class act and smart guy

  25. YOU GO DAD!

  26. Sometimes it's like that if more parents would go there it would be less trouble for all the kids.

  27. It may have been a scary scene, but when was the last time you heard or saw…. oh never mind.

  28. LOL @Other than acting a fool at the school, sources say he’s an all around good dad.