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C’Mon Elmo…Kevin Clash has a Fourth Accuser Who Says He Was Underage

Most of us will never look at Elmo the same after this scandal is over.   That icky feeling you might get when your child picks up the puppet off the shelf could come from the many accusations of underage child “tickling” by Elmo puppeteer, Kevin Clash.   Clash has, according to the UK Daily Mail, a fourth accuser in the scandal that puts Tiger Woods to shame.  Almost never have we witnessed someone fall from grace to misery so quickly.
Clash had been presented just this year as a hero to the black community, a man who’d achieved in spite of the odds, and was an example of how determination can get you to the top if you just keep working hard enough.  But all of this has been clouded by Clash’s actions in the bedroom, which many deem to be less than honorable.  Rather than simply being a “proud gay man,” as Clash noted a few weeks ago, it turns out that he is not the source of pride he once claimed to be.
Sesame Street puppeteer Kevin Clash, 52, is facing the threat of a fourth legal suit from a young man alleging sexual abuse at his hands.

He will be represented by Jeff Herman, the attorney for Clash’s second and third accusers, Cecil Singleton, 24, and a 29-year-old man so far known only as John Doe.

Mr Herman is still ‘verifying’ the fourth man’s story, but has told Mail Online, ‘It is very similar and so far nothing has fallen by the wayside in vetting it’.


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