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Wendy Williams Accused of Ordering Thousands of Chinese Shoes and Not Paying the Tab

Ok are we in the twilight zone? China is not playing with gossip queen and talk show host, Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams and her husband owe , big time, to a China based shoe company that made approximately 12,140 pairs of shoes for her new “Adorn” line.

According to the NY Daily News, the owner of the manufacturing company Max Harvest International Holding, associated with the purchase, has gone into hiding, as a result of him being kidnapped. That’s right! He was kidnapped for non-payment. But it is not his debt. He is waiting on Williams to pay him what she owes.

The amount in question is $419,000.The victim was held for two weeks and then released with no harm done. It has been said that the victim and his wife have fled Hong Kong. The lawyer for the factory owner, Staci Riordan of Los Angeles, said, “Things don’t work in China the way they work in the United States.”

Riordan says that she has been trying to put a settlement in place for months. If settlement is not reached soon, then the case will go to Manhattan Supreme Court.

Wendy Williams has not issued a statement, as of yet.

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