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Woman Who Punched Cop Twice in the Head Claims Beauty Fight With Sister Sparked Argument

For many people, the holidays are about coming together, and enjoying quality time with family. Sadly, for others, the holidays are about avoiding family members who cause a raucous at holiday parties and dinners.

For the sister of Yolanda Nubine, 43, Thanksgiving was a drag because her sister decided to show up at her home in Oklahoma, City.

The sister of Nubine says she repeatedly told her sister that she had to leave, but her sister wasn’t having it. When police arrived at the apartment, they heard the two sisters arguing, and told Nubine to gather her items so that she could leave her sister’s home.

Nubine then got up from the sofa, went upstairs, and informed police that her sister was “only kicking her out because she is jealous and because she has always been the beautiful and s*xy one.”

As Nubine was leaving, she allegedly punched an officer in the head two times, which led to her immediate arrest on a charge of assault and battery on a police officer.

After police handcuffed her and placed her into the police car, she then allegedly tried to kick out the window of the car. Police were forced to restrain her with a leg strap.

Nubine is currently in the Oklahoma County jail.



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