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Video: Police in Search of Suspect Who Slashed Chicago Man’s Throat

As if crime in and around Chicago weren’t bad enough, police are now on the lookout for a man who slashed another man’s throat in the South Shore Line train station in East Chicago, Ind.

Police say a 28 year old Chicago man had his throat slashed by an unidentified man while he was waiting for his wife to arrive at the train station at around 5:40 PM on Monday.  When the man went into the bathroom, he was attacked by another man who slashed his throat.

The victim suffered wounds to both his hands and throat, and was robbed of his wallet and keys. He was taken the hospital and later released.

Police captured video of the man who slashed the victim’s throat and are asking for help from the public in finding him.

One thing that struck police about this attack is how bold the suspect was in attacking the victim right across the hall from a police station.

One person who works at the train station said although he’s cautious, he has always felt safe before the attack, he always felt safe.

“I’m usually real alert in the morning. I make a path through the washroom, I make sure everything’s okay. When I leave, it’s the same thing. I do a check myself,” he said. “But I was surprised something like that happened.”

Customers are being advised to keep an eye on their surroundings while at the train station from now on.

Watch the full video HERE. 


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