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Tyler Perry Allegedly Stole Plot for “Good Deeds,” Faces Lawsuit

Tlyer Perry is being accused of stealing a plot from author Terrie Donald for his film Good Deeds


Talented actor/playwright Tyler Perry has had a tough year so far. His massive Atlanta studio caught fire twice and now he’s being sued for allegedly stealing the plot for his film “Good Deeds.”

Author Terri Donald, also known as TLO RED’ness, alleges Perry used the plot from her book titled “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit” for the 2012 “Good Deeds” film. She is suing him in a federal court.

The lawsuit, filed in Philadelphia, state that Donald sent Perry’s company a copy of her book years before production on his film began. Donald is seeking $225,000 in initial damages as well as an injunction requiring the company to add a credit for her book in the opening and closing credits. Lastly, the lawsuit calls for the film’s $35 million revenue.

The description of the 200-page “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit” reveals striking similarities to “Good Deeds”:

A compelling story of a woman’s struggle to free herself from the past in order to move forward in the future with the man she loves. In this story her past unravels tragedy, murder and her secret. The two come to grips with the truths and decide for the future and what it has to offer them.

Also listed as the defendant in the lawsuit are representatives for Perry and Lions Gate Entertainment.

If found guilty of stealing the plot, will Perry’s legacy as a playwright be challenged?

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