Family Demands Arrest, But Surveillance Video Shows Victim Punching Store Clerk Before Being Shot

HOUSTON, TEXAS –  Family members are demanding the arrest of a store clerk who shot Alexander Calloway, 21, while Calloway and his two cousins were trying to enter a gas station.

In response to calls for the clerk’s arrest, the store has released video which clearly shows Calloway and his cousins trying to enter the gas station at around 3:30AM, but the store was locked.

Video then shows the store clerk unlocking the door and walking outside, where words were exchanged, and Calloway punched the clerk in the face. After being punched, the store clerk pulled out his gun and shot Calloway.

Calloway was shot in the stomach and transported to a local fire station where he was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

Calloway’s family members say there was never any reason for the store clerk to walk outside.

The store clerk came out, opened the doors where it’s bullet proof and came out and shot him,” Yolanda Asberry, the victim’s aunt, said. “It’s ridiculous. Why would you come out the store? You’re supposed to be in the store. That’s why you closed the store at a certain time.”

However, the store owner has defended his clerk, saying he was only defending himself after being punched in the face.

The store owner also said that he has replaced the clerk.

“For the sake of the community, we feel very strongly that he won’t be coming back to work,” said George Hlaiheo.

 Community activists have been marching and demanding that the store clerk who shot Calloway be arrested.
Activist Quanell X said both men are to blame for the altercation.

“We want the store merchants to respect us but we must respect them,” he said.

You can watch the full video HERE. 

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  2. It makes me sick that this thug’s Aunt actually thinks the clerk is at fault somehow. There is now law that you have to cower in fear and hide behind bullet proof glass to hide from criminals. If I had been that thug, and my Dad found out what I did, he would have slapped me sideways. Want to see why there are so many black youths slipping into criminal behavior? Look to the way they are raised.

  3. Calloway got exactly what he deserved. I hope they bring him up on charges of assault. They should charge the parents too…with stupidity.

  4. The family has a point. I mean, no excuses for these N-words, but why did the clerk come out of an unlocked store?