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Woman Arrested After Assaulting Boyfriend For Being a Selfish Lover

Cops Manatee County, Florida, were called to the home of a woman who had assaulted her boyfriend for, shall we say…. finishing first.

The woman, 24-year-old Raquel Gonzalez, decided to beat her boyfriend as a way of letting him know that s*x was not a race, and he needed to give as well as receive.

Gonzalez became enraged when her boyfriend, Esric Davis, reached his peak before she did, and began to physically assault him. Gonzalez reportedly  “began hitting and scratching [Davis], causing scratches near his eye and nose.”

Gonzalez admitted to police that she “lost it”, but was uncooperative with police once they arrived on the scene. She did not attempt to defend her actions and remained mostly silent when police attempted to question her.

Police speculate that she may have been under the influence of alcohol, which could’ve fueled her rage.

Davis noted that this behavior was not out of the ordinary for his girlfriend, who frequently “goes off” on him.

She was arrested and booked into Manatee County lockup on a charge of domestic battery.

It looks as if this couple would be better off far away from one another than together. When love turns to violence – Houston, we have a problem, and sometimes, a criminal record.



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