Katt Williams Leads Police on Low Speed Tricycle Chase, Shouts, “I’m Not Going to Stop!”

For months now, there has been speculation that Katt Williams is “on” something, and whatever that something is, should be buried where no one else can ever find it.

Williams, who was just arrested in Oakland for breaking a bottle over someone’s head,  and is being sued by fans who purchased tickets to see his comedy show, only to be subjected to him babbling incoherently on stage, is now in trouble again.

TMZ reports that Williams was on driving down a Sacramento, California sidewalk on a  three wheel motorized vehicle on Sunday when police attempted to pull him over.

Williams refused to be pulled over and apparently took off on his tricycle, then began zig-zagging and driving down the wrong side of the street.

When police took Williams’ helmet off, he became defiant, yelling “I’m not going to stop!”

Police called off the tricycle chase for safety reasons but are now asking the judge to issue a felony evasion warrant for Williams.

Even before the recent Oakland trouble, Katt Williams had been in trouble for allegedly punching a female assistant and pulling a gun in a crowd of people.

During his Oakland comedy show, where he babbled and tried to fight hecklers in the audience, rapper Too Short said Williams was “extra loaded” and “sky high”.

There is no word from Katt’s camp as to what led to Katt riding down the sidewalk on a tricycle, but most of us have some idea about what causes that sort of thing.

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  1. he better get it together, because all they doing is using him for his money, cause when his high is over and when his money runs out, then watch how many Suges hang out with him

  2. Wow…lol come on now Kat u gots to better

  3. Wow katt u gota getit togtha bro

  4. Dear God,
    We are all troubled with some kind of sin & pain
    Please deliver us from evil.
    In Jesus Name

    P.s. In that order! We forget who to tell!

  5. This man needs some major help. Apparently he is on drugs. Going to jail will not help him. He needs to go into re-hab for a year.

  6. Somebody must of slipped him something that messed him up in the head

  7. Let's pray for the brother to get better instead of just watching him crash and burn – whether you like his brand of comedy or not.

  8. What is wrong with this Negro?

  9. It was obvious that this dude was nuts YEARS AGO. Why do we let our folks kill themselves before we tell them 'get your ass in gear'? I think it is because we love fame and the famous(infamous) so that we say it's OK if HE/SHE does it. That's not love of the person, folks.

  10. Please someone get him help this is not funny!

  11. Dnt believe everything thy tell u!

  12. Its funny similar crazy things went on with Martin. Is it the drugs or is there something n Hollyweird making this men go crazy?


  14. If anyone cares at all they must have him committed. He will hurt himself or someone soon. Mental illness is the most common illness by far.

  15. He fool. Real fool.

  16. I'm going to get a T-shirt made to say"Leave Katt Alone.com".

  17. Someone need to help him before he hurt someone or himself he's going through. Something

  18. Leave Katt alone……he is just having fun!

  19. Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  20. Is it Pcp?!