Ghost Writer Sues Tyler Perry for “Good Deeds” Movie Plot

A writer named Terri Donald is not very happy with Tyler Perry and he is suing him for allegedly stealing his story and making it into the movie, “Good Deeds”.

On Tuesday, Donald filed a lawsuit in federal court, charging Perry with using her book to create the plot for the 2012 film.

Donald, who also uses the pseudonym TLO Red’ness says that Perry’s movie, “Good Deeds,” is too similar to her 2007 book, “Bad Apples Can Be Good Fruit,” for him to claim that he did not use the book. Further, Donald also claims to have sent Perry a copy of the book  before production of the movie began.

Not only is Donald demanding $225,000 in initial damages, but the writer is also seeking to force the company to add a credit for the book in question in the opening and closing credits. The lawsuit is also requesting that Perry furnish the writer with an account of all the money that the movie made.

“Good Deeds” was released in February and earned $35 million at the box office.

Some might argue that a plot in which the “maid” falls in love with the “boss” is not that uncommon and call into question whether or not Donald is not just looking for an easy payday.

The film was released by Lions Gate Entertainment and they have also been named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Neither Tyler Perry, nor his representatives and nor those of Loinsgate have made any public statements about the lawsuit.

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  1. She will get something since he is black–especially if she is white. That is unlike the true Mother of the Matrix. She got nothing and we people did not stand behind her against the rich entertainment moguls to make sure she was treated fairly. And the beat goes on….

  2. Nedrea SweetPea Scott

    Sick of stupid people….everyone does not read books or the material of every author out here. They are just pissed that he does not call them….rejection is a hard thing to accept for many.

  3. This chick is seriously mistaken if she thinks she will get a penny from Mr. Perry.