Chicago Pimp Who Branded “his women” With Tattoos Sentenced to Life

A pimp who forced young women into a traumatic life of street walking was sentenced to life in prison on Monday. Alex “Cowboy” Campbell is reported to have branded the women he forced into the night life and that may have been the most memorable piece of information from his trial.

The judge overseeing the case, U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman, made a note of how horrific it was that Campbell branded the women with tattoos, saying,

“I think the worst thing you did to these girls, frankly, is branding them the way you did. They can’t get rid of those tattoos. … They have a life sentence, all of them. Every time they look in the mirror. … And it’s gonna hurt. Their life sentences compel a life sentence for you.”

The tattoos on the women ranged from horseshoes on their necks to a 13-line, 60-word homage to Campbell down one woman’s back.

During the trial, Campbell maintained that the women who accused him of forcing them into the “night life” were all liars and they were part of a racially motivated conspiracy to target him because he was a Black man.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Campbell, who  had a spa that he ran in the Chicago area, was convicted by a federal jury for multiple charges, including forced labor, harboring illegal immigrants and s*x trafficking.

According to prosecutors, Campbell lured women into street walking with promises of jobs in massage parlors and safe homes because they were illegal immigrants. Once the women started working for the pimp, he would take away their immigration papers and force them to “work” without being paid.

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  6. The same way these women were branded on the streets, I hope this pimp gets branded in his anus by the prison pimp that he will soon meet. I wonder how he will feel when his anus territory is on lock down.

  7. Well now he can get tatted up in jail…rather tooted up by some real men unlike his punk ass

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  9. Ann Gardner-Jackson

    Yes and doubly yes to the conviction of this low life degenerate for torturing and abusing women so he could profit from their pain and hardships. I hate pimps and glad he'll never pimp another women again.

  10. Utterly disgusting.

  11. I hope that he lives to the age of 200 & maybe one of those women that he violated has a male relative in prison who will make his life miserable like he did them.

  12. A pimp ain’t nothing, but a pu*nk! They really hate women, and this is why they treat them like dirt. All they are concerned with is looking good, buying diamonds, nice cars, and fast money. They remond me of screachas.

    Anyway, the biggest pimps out here are screachas, crack, meth and ‘jesus’.

    I’m gone!

  13. He's nobody! I hope life really mean life.

  14. Well Bubba is waiting for him!!!!!I hope they brand him too for life!!!! I suggest that he recommend a Bible Scripture if possible like….Thou Shalt Not Covert Another…Oh! Well! Hopefully without the possibility of parole…feel the heat and the imprisonment he suggested to these women minds and body… God help this nothing of a person!!!

  15. Take ya punishment like a man you chump!! These so call "pimps" be hard as nails,until they get caught up. Now they want to weasel their way out of trouble sit down coward….

  16. Take ya punishment like a man you chump!! These so call "pimps" be hard as nails,until they get caught up. Now they want to weasel their way out of trouble sit down coward….

  17. How about moving the ads, so I can read the entire article.

  18. One of them Gorrila and Godzillz.pimps womem ae cattle ?

  19. This ain't even a man. A real man doesn't need to brand anyone to show what it is to be a man. Punk.