Bobbi Kristina Survives Horrific Car Crash… Again

Bobbi Kristina was issued a citation by Alpharetta police in Georgia for failing to maintain in her lane and sliding down a steep embankment
Bobbi Kristina’s crashed vehicle

It appears that Bobbi Kristina has really bad luck with cars. Earlier this year, we reported the strange accident she and her now-fiance’ Nick Gordon were involved in, but today reports have come out about another car wreck the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobbi Brown has survived.

The accident just occurred about an hour ago in Alpharetta, GA. Miraculously a passer-by called 911 after seeing Bobbi Kristina’s Chevy Camaro smashed in an embankment. When cops arrived to the scene, Bobbi Kristina was ┬ástanding next to her car — uninjured.

Contrary to popular assumptions, police have reported that drugs and alcohol do not appear to be a factor in the crash. They believe she simply lost control of the vehicle while making a left turn out of her apartment complex, which caused her to drive over a curb and down an embankment, striking several small trees as she descended. The car came to a stop on a local park trail.

Bobbi Kristina was issued a traffic citation for “failure to maintain lane.”

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  1. 1 for the money, 2 for the show… she's putting her life on a short leash isn't she? Third time's the charm since she seems to have a secret death wish. Get ready Cissy, you'll be walking the aisle with the grandbaby before you go.

  2. Kathy Young-Richburg

    Bobbi Kris needs to pay attention because God is speaking to her. There is something going on in her life that she needs to stop or she's headed for disaster. God gives us warning signs, it is up to us to listen carefully, heed His instruction & be obedient. If we don't then we suffer the consequences for the route we decide to take. On another note, if Nick was raised in the house along with Bobbi Kris he should consider himself her brother; not her lover. Bobbi Kris is very vunerable at this time in her life and very naive. She certainly does not need to be engaged, but she does need to be very careful in everything and of everyone; especially Nick. There are a lot of vultures out there in sheep's clothing young lady. I know from experience. Some of them might not even realize they are being used by the devil to lure you astray and destroy your life. Then again, some of them know exactly what their intentions are, and will take advantage of your fragile state of existence without a second thought.

  3. She needs a driver and security….

  4. I really wish that Bobbie Kristine would get some where and sit it down; and, quickly. All of this drama, and negative attention-seeking is becoming quite boring. And, she mentions on her reality show that “people should stop acting as though they loved her mom; when, while Whitney was alive, all they could do was speak ill and criticize her”. She claims that “I had to protect my mom from all the vulcres”. She has really gotten it twisted. Whitney Houston was a grown woman, who did “Whitney”. Nobody did anything to Whitney. Everyone in the public’s eye seem to have loved Whitney Houston; and, her wonderful talents. People understood that she had her issues with drug abuse; but, the public also knew that Whitney Houston was always going to bring it well when she sang. What she did privately, no one knew anything about. It was the negative publicity of hearing of Whitney being drunken and high in various places that brought that kind of attention to her. And, now Bobbi Kristine is patterning herself in that same manner-which is not looking good. At least Whitney Houston gave the public reason to love her. Bobbi Kristine is not showing the public anything except how much attention she is riding on-at the expense of her mother’s death. Before Whitney died, nothing but negative publicity was arising about Bobbi smoking, getting high, etc. And, since Whitney’s death, there has been one negative episode after the other with Bobbi Kristine. Quite frankly, it is becoming quite tiring; and, the girl need to pull it together and show us a side of herself that is worth us all seeing.

  5. These is sad just thinking about this young lady people need to remove the limelight and expectation give this child help. In five years if survival is there she will be a worse mess. come lets pray for this child she has not properly grieved and the media is not allowing this for her. She needs help instead of the Auntie on a reality show if you care put your foot down help her you lost Whitney to the foolishness. She looks high everytime you see her and who to say its not prescription drugs….help is all over her the fame should wait if we love someone I know we suppose to let them go but we also should be nosey if it will save someone from being destroyed

  6. JCarla Goldsmith Dennis

    We love you and are praying fervently

  7. Kris, You need to be very prayerful—it appears someone may have hexed you–get in a bible based ministry and stay close to the LORD…

    • People do that all day long and they are worse than atheists, sinners and witches and warlocks … calling themselves Christians and not understanding the power of God. If you take your saved butt and stand in the middle of a highway, is God supposed to deliver a miracle? No. You're gonna get hit by a truck and die. USE SOME COMMON SENSE sometimes. That's why God gave it to us.

    • Well I can see clearly you don't know what you are talking about Ms. Hart–maybe you need some bible study…

  8. Everytime you turn around the girl is in the news. I hope it’s God getting her attention for her to just surrender and do the right thing. These things are happen ing for a reason.

  9. I'm glad she's okay but maybe just maybe she should go to driving school

  10. WTH! Do they know how to drive 2 accident weeks apart it really time for some driving lessons…






  13. Nedrea SweetPea Scott

    Bobbi Kristina, everyone is always hard on you, even in something that appears to have just gone wrong. I applaud you for not having drugs or alcohol in your system period. Just be careful. There was obviously nothing you could do about this, the accident just happened……

  14. Really hope the young lady get her life together, maybe she need to catch the bus for a while.

  15. Glad no one was hurt.

  16. It's time 2 spend some of her inheritance on a Limo driver…..step away from the keys, Bobbi, pls!

  17. Christina Mskane Brown

    this girl has tragic all around her I hope that , she take all of what's happening to her an try to change some of it for the better.