White Man Kills Black Teen Over Loud Music

by Dr. Boyce Watkins

Florida is ground central for suspicious shootings of young black men.  Just a few months after the shooting of Trayvon Martin, a teenager in central Florida has also been shot under suspicious circumstances.  Michael David Dunn shot and killed Jordan Russell Davis, a student at Samuel W. Wolfson High School.

The 17-year old was sitting in an SUV in a parking lot when Dunn came up and asked him to turn his music down.  The two exchanged words, and that’s when Dunn shot at the young man eight or nine times, killing him in the process.  His attorney says that the shooting was in self-defense.

Russell’s father, Ron Davis, says that his son died in the arms of one of his friends.  He also says that he was unarmed.  Dunn has been arrested and charged with both murder and attempted murder.  He is being held without bail.

The fact that Dunn plans to say that the shooting was in self-defense brings the controversial “Stand Your Ground” law back into the spotlight.  But what is also sad is that while many African Americans will be up in arms over this shooting, almost no one says a word when black men shoot one another.  This happens in nearly every major city, every single day of the year.  It seems that black death only gets attention when it’s done by someone of another race.


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  1. This white guy is a HERO. The liberal media likes to twist shit. Here is what REALLY happened: The white guy politely asked the black teenager to turn down his music, and the black teenager got violent, and probably pointed a gun at him. THANKFULLY, the white guy protected himself by killing this fucking worthless thug! GOOD RIDDANCE! JOIN TRAYVON IN HELL, NIGGER!

  2. Yohna DaGoddess London

    Black onblack crimes are considered worst…and are most definitely spoken on…now them being caught is another issue…sooooo to actually type that crap like you are 100% sure black on black murder is considered okay is very unprofessional of this writer…smh…the NERVE OF YOU


  4. TRUST! He’S in jail without BOND!!

    This POS is GOING DOWN!!!!! DOWN!!!!DOWN!

  5. That's not true. Louis Farrakhan and hundreds of other black folks are out there protesting and trying to do something about black on black crime every day, even Father Michael Pfleger. When blacks protest BoB crime, it just doesn't get the same media attention.

  6. what the father need to do is go kill the white man that killed his son and be done with this bullshit!

    • Really, James? I'm sure you meant to say that the father need to go kill that man that killed his son. And I'm positive that the kid's father wanted to go do exactly that. But just because THAT idiot may have had a problem with the kid's race, don't let that make you be like him! HE'S the one with the race problem, not you! The man's crazy. And crazy come in all colors! Love ya', Bro!

    • lol Im sorry that wht I meant no matter wht color he is that father need to do something . lol you are right .

  7. @Marshata: Your an idiot… In no way, shape, or form is this shooting justified!

  8. If this law is a problem, may be it should be changed. This clearly can't be a case of standing your ground. People don't like black on black crime either. Whites fell they can do this it will continue. We as blacks must stand up and let our government know that this murdering of innocent people must stop. He should be given life. He took one. The same with anyone one that so coldly can kill a man.


  10. Lol it self defense when its one bullet even two just to be safe but 8 or 9 this is just cold hearted nurser no way hes walking

  11. I To Always Am In Cars Playing Loud Music And So That Means I Should Get Shot To I Ask Myself All The Time What Is The World Coming Too Matter Of Fact What He Shot Jordan For He Still Took Someones Life I Surely Know As Of Right Now If I Shot A WHITE MAN, AFRICAN AMERICAN, HISPANIC MAN, GERMAN, HELL AND ALIEN I Still Would Be Held Accountable And Would Pay The Consequences It Truly Is Wrong And What Can We Do Nothing Sit Bacc And Watch Tragedies Happen At The End Its All Reality Taken Place!

  12. He was only bothered by that music because of the individuals that were playing the music, and of course the fact that he was DRUNK made him feel that he was living in the Jim Crow Era, I hope that justice will be served and he gets life in prison without the possibility of parole or the electric chair, this was nothing more than a HATE CRIME! my heart goes out to the parents of this child no parent like to know they have outlived their child and absolutely no parents wants to know their child was MURDERED because of loud music.

  13. Marshata, that’s no justification for killing someone! He was playing loud music. Obnoxious? Maybe. Deserving of death? No! Just like the killer that is a depraved indifference to human life. God will deal with him. Shame on you.

  14. I don’t care if I never see Florida again! This state needs to detach itself from the entire United States. What planet does their legislators live on? This guys attorney was on television today. She needs a good slap in the mouth! She’s an idiot! He cannot be allowed to get away with this mess! This son cannot be allowed to have died in vain. Time to stand up!

  15. When will buses be leaving to MARCH IN FLORIDA.Our fore Father and Mother sacrificed their lives for freedom Freedom is never free its paid from blood sweat and tears.

  16. Make sure his picture is published all over the country, then lets see justice be done.

  17. The wicked white beasts are on the loose, roaming/traversing free to do as they well please to young black men, black women without accountability. SMH

  18. This is all part of the master Plan of self destruction of ourselves from outside sources.

  19. White people kill each other as well. This is not sensationalized thru the media. Most white deaths are classified as “accidents”. The fact of the matter is that this was a racist killing.

  20. The full Truth of this story is not being told! This racist cracker went over to the suv and DEMANDED that the young brothers to turn down the music down!


    The young brothers didn’t turn down the music, but they did let up the windows, which showed some respect for the racist bytch honkey. He was with his cracker gal friend, and he thought he was g.i. joe, and just wanted to front in front of his hillbilly gal friend to show her, that he was a macho man.

    When they took off, the bas*turd shot 8-9 times at the suv when two bullets striked the brother!! He left the scene, and was picked up the next day. Now, this cracker is pleading the ‘stand your ground law’ which only protect crackers. This fag*git claim he was defending himself, but he initated the crime.

    Since this happened in Florida, the racist cracker will probably get off because of that racist ‘stand your ground’ law. Remember, not too long ago a Black woman was protecting herself, in her OWN home because her abusive boyfriend was beating her. She shot in the ceiling (not at him), and she was ‘standing her ground’ (which was True), but the racist court system gave her 20 years!!!

    This law is ONLY for racist crackers, who kill Black men, and this piece of shyt is going to walk just like zimmerboy. I keep telling y’all this racist injustice system is ran by klanners. The kooky kinky krackers (kkk) was founded by a judge and a racist lawyer in Tennesse, and nothing has chnged with these racist demonic devils.

    This fag*git racist cracker will probably be out of jail to spend the hell-a-day (holiday) with his redneck family, while the brother’s family will be mourning. This will be another drawn out case because it involved a honkey racist fag*git, and a young Black man. These racist honkeys seldom spend time in jail when they kill Black men, and he will be no exception.

    WHERE WAS THIS BAS*TURD CALLED god ON THIS CASE? ONE DAY Y’ALL WILL BELIEVE ME WHEN I KEEP TELLING Y’ALL AIN’T NO god*da*mn god!! That racist bas*turd is the god*da*mn devil, and proof of this Truth is rising everyday to the top!!!

    Every 36 hours a Black man or Black youth is murdered by a racist fag*git cracker. Look this info up for yourselves.


    What is it going to take to wake y’all dead thinking negroids up? ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!

    This devil god ain’t gonna take care of shyt, except his own demonic devils aka satan worshippers!!

    I’m outta here!

    I DON’T GIVE A DA*MN WHAT Y’ALL NEGROIDS SAY ABOUT ME, I SPEAK THE god*da*mn Truth, and y’all ashamed to admit it.

    Pray to that demonic bas*turd god on that!!!

  21. That iz 1 of the reasons why this happens there is know structure in our homes we need to respect ourselves so we can see positive results for other people of anotha nationality to respect us and see us as a respectable race.

  22. It don't matter what the kid was doing!! It DONT give him the right to shoot him!!!!!

  23. this is sad the problem is the way shit is in america they need to have the eye for an eye law if you kill a member of the persons familie you can kill you any way they like and not get charge if you get caught with an elegal gun 20 years mandatory.

  24. Be for real. Don't think for a second that white dude would have reacted violently if a young white chick were playing Justin Bieber or an old white man was playing country music (or music he approved of). The reason why there are hate crime laws in our country is to provide a mechanism to punish those (historically, mainly white males) and the corrupt judicial and law enforcement communities that Black people, mainly males, need to be protected from an unjust society and it's genocidal tendencies. Women, the LGBT communities, and other racial and ethnic minorities also need protection. Dude should have called and WAITED for local police to handle such a petty annoyance. What would society be like if individual citizens took matters in their own hands?

  25. There is no reason to do such a thing to your nabor thy should not kill why do u think this law is in ‘ is it that white men and black get along or is it that white men are threaten by black men and this is one of the must unfair acts of cowarded acts but if blackmen decide to pick up armys and do this to whitemen then we will go to war

    • It is what it is. Change is only done through confrontation. bm will have to collectively go to war to stop the blatant violation from wm.

  26. THIS is tragic. Although whoever came up with the "stand your ground" law probably meant well, the law itself opens up a slipperly slope which can and has led to completely unjustified killings, mostly of young Black men who supposedly were acting "suspiciously"…

  27. Kinda true but at the same time those shootings are for violent altercations usually. This case was a kid sitting in his car and a white man walks up an gets crazy with him over some music. I bet if it was his type of song he would've never been complaining. There is way too much racism in Florida and the entire country needs to wake up.

  28. Killing is wrong no matter what color they are. For anyone to suggest that it was his fault is heartless. This guy is an Adult and as an Adult you don't argue with Children. For the ones who think this is cute I pray you never meet up with this kind of idiot. They are everywhere and who knows it could be the next person you meet.

  29. I guess some people plan on using this "Stand your ground" law as an excuse to kill at will as long as it has the right complexion attached to it….

    • "But what is also sad is that while many African Americans will be up in arms over this shooting, almost no one says a word when black men shoot one another. This happens in nearly every major city, every single day of the year. It seems that black death only gets attention when it’s done by someone of another race."

    • That's because when it's white on black, the black guy is usually
      innocent like Travon Martin for instance. We're addressing that
      problem every day in our community to tell our kids that that's
      wrong. Meanwhile, we have to deal with what just happened
      in addition to those problems we're already trying to solve.

      I, for instance, 54 yrs old and never seen a jail, work constantly
      with these kind of kids to help give them get some kind of future,
      but we don't need some bigot walking up to an innocent kid
      and freely taking his life based on what you think his value is.

  30. Well there is no conclusive evidence to assess if the situation was self defense or not. Nor does it give evidence that the boy was unarmed. Only his father's say so. We don't truly know what happened. Only that the boy was shot and killed.

    • Was there a gun found at the scene on the young man that was shot? Why did the shooter run after he shot him if it were self defense? Why was he even arrested?

    • I couldn't agree more. Just don't like when people jump to conclusions like and assume the race thing. And I wanted to point out the fact that for some reason they are using the kid's father and a credible source to the altercation when it doesn't even say that he was an eye witness. But it still doesn't change the fact that the kid was shot. I just find it hard to believe that he was shot over some loud playing music. That's bananas. Always more to the story.

    • This article could have very well just read 'Man Shoots Teen Over Loud Music". It doesn't matter what race either was, a boy was shot and that's a terrible thing. His future is lost forever. I hate when media sensationalizes stories like this because all it does is continue to keep that schism of racial inequality and those lingering prejudices on the top of peoples minds.

    • But I see your point tyler it is hard to believe that he was shot over loud music.

  31. Why is it so many people killing kids over something so stupid (MUSIC) for real? I am sadden by this article because he will never get to experience anything in life all because he was listening to music and it was loud and now he is trying to use stand your ground law (yeah right). Now that Groege Zimmerman used in in the Travon Martin case ever person that kills a young black male will try to use that. We has a community need to come together and let our voices be heard.

    • basicly racist men are gettin away with killin blacks again sounds like the kkk found a loop hole in the laws and they are gonna take advantage until they are stopped smh it makes me sick to my stomach we do need to stand up because if alot of our people dont notice there are people trying to surpress us once again and if we dont take a stand future generations may end up in the back of the bus again we need to fight and as a race we have made strides but most of us are stuck barely gettin by and have been convinced its because of choices we make but those choices are mostly made out of survival

    • Agree, agree….

  32. I love my race(African American)but I'm going to be straight about why there are no news flashes about when we kill each other–it's just what everybody, including ourselves expects. I don't understand why there is really a need for the klan, aryan nation, and other hate groups. We hate ourselves for them. They could really sit back and watch us slay ourselves. Sad but true.

    • After that remark I just made there's probably somebody's baby being killed in Chicago or any other urban area. Hateful bigots should just be patient, but in reference to this article, they're probably just trying to help us along with total annihilation . We as a people are always seeking respect, but I think respect starts in the home front .

  33. There were dozens of black kids killed last week by other black people, but that barely made local news. When my best friend was shot in the head by a drug dealer, nobody said a damn thing about it. We can't just react when the killer is white. This is getting kind of silly.

    • I agree 100%! If people in church ever WAKE UP, and get as concerned about our KIDS as they are about the "devil", we would see some real change. This is OUR responsibility as the Black community to stop violence; not the government's job.

    • Exactly! More of us die because we kill each other, than because white people do the killing (except for war). When whites kill us it is because of racism and perceptions, often. Why do we kill each other?

    • this isn't the oppression/violence/killing olympics…a death is a death and each one is a tragedy. The news media will sensationalize stories to get more viewers. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't be outraged at this killing. When race and racism is a more explicit contributor to murder, it more conveniently fits a narrative that polarizes and ultimately attracts our attention. Don't get caught up with the Black on Black vs White on Black debate…

    • I think that is because when Blacks kill other Blacks, we assume it is over some personal beef or they are both "in that life." When a white kills one of us, we our minds immediately go to memories of Emmett Till and old time lynchings. Not excusing it, just my observation.

    • There is the same silence when white people are killed by other white people. Every race is killed by their own. What is your point?

    • You're right we should be outraged but you have to pick your battles or you'll never win the war. If the civil rights leaders back in the early days had that outlook we'd still be picking cotton. They picked certain cases to bring the whole system to light. Rosa Parks wasn't the first person to refuse to give up her seat but she gave everyone before/after her a face. Someone has to be the test case to galvinize the People into a movement.

    • Just last week my cousin's 20yr old son was murdered and the detectives worked so hard on the case that they were able to make an arrest in just 2 days of the shooting and the case also made the news and the font of the paper. In lots of situations the story doesnt make the paper because its either there is not enough evidence or information and the family is told to hold off with any media or the detectives dont want to release pernant information involving the case. sometimes we dont hear because it's still an ongoing investigation..

    • When your best friend was killed, why didn't you say something? All it takes is one voice to start the outcry.

  34. sad …killing is wrong period – unless its a rapist/ child molester THEY CAN BURN IN HELL vfs

  35. This is definitley racial, this is Travon Martin all over again,
    this stems from bigotry taught and passed down from father to son,
    professing anyone that doesn't look like them are children of a lesser GOD,
    and it's a shame, because the courts let them get away with this, and.
    society, at large has always taken this to be a joke, except its not funny.
    for us. This guy is from the same area that Zimmerman is from they have.
    no respect for African Americans, Florida never has, And they never will,
    I lived here 54 years so I know, I've seen it time and time again, so don't.
    give me that bullshit song and dance about race had nothing to do with it.
    it was a gesture of bigotry.You may ask why? Because in their minds,
    we are still slaves.

  36. I just have to say that I AM WHITE!! MY BOYFRIEND IS BLACK!! MY KIDS R MIXED!! The fact that this man killed a child n its turning into a racial issue is ridiculous!!! That man killed a child for NO REASON AT ALL!!! That’s the issue n he should b punished!!! That’s it n that’s all!!!!


  37. If you allow whites to get away with killing blacks just for the hell-of-it it will become open door shooting. Blacks are tired of this mess with whites, it's because of our black president, I say don't stand-down stand up black people.

  38. I beg to differ, black on black crimes/murders are addressed on a regular basis in urban communities. Numerous mentoring programs are offered to deter such behaviors. It is the media that chooses NOT to report these facts. The outrage from these issues such as Dunn and Zimmerman comes from the fact that a FULL GROWN MAN KILLS AN UNARMED CHILD, nothing more nothing less. Comparing these incidences to black on black murders is like saying because murders in general occur everyday so there shouldn't be an outrage or an investigation, it should somehow be accepted. Adults killing children should never be acceptable in a civilized society whether the victim and/or assailant is of any particular race.

    • It is ONLY acceptable when they are BLACK! NOTHING will be done….Carry On!

    • @marshata explain. The eight or nine shots….is that acceptable

    • @Marshata, would it be acceptable if a grown Man shot your Child/Brother/Nephew/Uncle to death for nothing more than playing his music too loud? It can't just be acceptable for everyone else. You have to be will to stand by your convictions when it lands at your doorstep.

    • Marshata is clearly on some type of drug or mentally deranged. no respect for black life even though he/she is black herself. IDIOT.


  40. Janay's Childrenovereverything

    It doesnt matter if he was white the fact that matter is he killed the boy cause he didbt want to hear the music he was playing. He had not right to kill him cause of that. And how can it be self defense and davis was still in the car? Bullshyt! Its not right for no one to kill no one. Is it our fault that ya dont put coverage about every killing whether it be blk on blk, wht on wht, wht on blk, blk on wht. Ridiculous! He's wrong regardless

    • I guess he learned THAT DAY what respecting the PEACE was ALL about…NO excuses, I inform our future; THEY CAN NOT DO WHAT "other" children can do PLAIN AND SIMPLE from wearing their clothes a certain color or style to infringing upon OTHERS rights! HE HAD A RIGHT to NOT have HIS peace DISTURBED!

    • you are right he had the right to his peace and but also could have called the police and allowed them to take care of the matter in a more civil way and if you continue to read he also got an attempted murder charge probably for trying to kill the other passengers in the truck. no one has the rigth to take a life especially when they were'nt given the authority to give life now he's not only taken this young mans life but his own as well because in Fl the law is 10/20/ and Life. no matter what color a person is they have a right to life.

    • Marshata Randall How would you react if a white person (or any person) came up to your car and asked you to turn down YOUR MUSIC IN YOUR CAR? Yeah, I thought so. smh

    • Every time people post about a police shooting are a shooting of a white man killing a Black child , not to worry some silly negro gone come on the post and talk about Black on Black crime. Is Black on Black crime a problem and big issue for us? yes O hell yes my point is why you bring it up on a post about police brutality and white killing Black why you not organizing in your community to stop it or posting on your wall about black on black crime so that people can be more aware and awaken I will answer that . Because most people who come on and say it are not doing a damn thing about either one …..so I say to you kick rocks…..they are both big problem for us as a people and they are both big problems we as a people have to find a way to solve if you not doing nothing keep it moving we should be disturb all the time by both but always bringing up black on black every time police or white person kill us and attention is drawn to is just what the enemy wants us to do. those who have brought up Black on Black what have you done lately to bring awareness ? You tell me which one should we be more outraged about? Which one should get the most attention brought to it? since they both take our babies and destroy our family and community

    • How about Public Drunkenness do you find that disturbing or does he have the right to be drunk and murder other Human Beings because his judgement is impaired, I hope he gets the ELECTRIC CHAIR.

    • Marshata Randall ARE YOU FUCKIN SICCCK IN YOUR BLASTED CHEMICALLY INDUCED HEAD? so you mean to tell me it's ok to shoot a black child at point blank range because he is playing loud music? some of you pathetic ass black people are the very reason why we still have no economic or political power in 2012 (and no Obama is not representative of the power of Black people in america). you make me siccck with your uncle tom ass comments. PLEASE STFU.

    • @Marshata. The white guy was in a FUCKING PARKING LOT!!!!!!!!! A PUBLIC PLACE!!!!!!! If he didn't want "HIS PEACE DISTURBED" he should have taken his ass HOME!!!!!!!!!!

    • Marshata Randall so you saying if one of your kid's, if you have any were outside sitting in your driveway playing loud music and a neighbor comes and tells them to turn it down and they refuse, they kill your child and you say they had the right to do not disturb the peace…wow…i feel sorry for you dear.