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Detroit Firefighters Say They Don’t Even Have Toilet Paper at Their Stations

The budget crunch in Michigan has taken its toll in all sorts of unimaginable ways, but toilet paper? 

According to some Detroit firefighters, things have gotten so bad that they’re having to fight for toilet paper in their stations.

“I don’t know anybody else in the world that has to negotiate with their employer to get toilet paper,” said Dan McNamara, President of the Detroit Firefighters Association.

Firefighters say that they are in short supply of toilet paper and other essentials at their fire stations.

“We’re buying all of our own supplies.  We’ve even had to go to arbitration to have an arbitrator make the city give this to us,” said McNamara.

He continued, saying, “And the worst park is if we can’t clean ourselves – then we may very well take this home in the morning to our families too. Some firefighters have even had to disrobe in their garages and go into their house to take a shower because they were afraid of contaminating their families or their homes.”

The firefighters say they don’t have any choice but to also buy cleaning supplies so that their stations can remain sanitary.

“There’s a lack of respect for the basics that we need,” said McNamara.

McNamara may be right, but it sounds a lot more like a lack of money than a lack of respect.

Thankfully, some local residents have begun donating supplies since hearing of the firefighter’s situation. The Mayor’s office has not yet comment on the issue.


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