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Controversial Painting Depicts President Obama as Crucified Jesus Christ

First actor and singer Jamie Foxx spouted some nonsense about how President Obama was “our lord and savior” at the Soul Train Awards, and now we learn that an artist has crystallized that misguided sentiment in a painting.

The painting, by Michael D’Antuono, depicts President Barack Obama as a crucified Jesus, and is on display at Bunker Hill Community College Art Gallery. 

Ironically, the painting is called “Truth”, and shows Obama with his arms outstretched and a crown of thorns upon his head.

The painting was originally scheduled to be first showcased in New York, but that showing was canceled because of power outages

“I always regretted cancelling my exhibit in New York because I feel my First Amendment rights should override someone’s hurt feelings,” D’Antuono told Fox News. “We should celebrate the fact that we live in a country where we are given the freedom to express ourselves.”

D’Antuono says he doesn’t agree with critics who call his display blasphemous, and says the exhibition has given him the freedom to be right or wrong.

“The crucifixion of the president was meant metaphorically,” he said. “My intent was not to compare him to Jesus.”

D’Antuono said his painting is only controversial because conservatives are trying to ” promote the idea that liberals believe the president to literally be our savior.”

The artist says that many of the messages he has received in response to his painting have been “anything but Christ-like.”

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