Teen Reportedly Kills Himself While Playing Russian Roulette With Friends

Police are still investigating the post-Thanksgiving death of James Morris, 18, who was found in his Brooklyn apartment with a single gunshot wound to the head.

Three of Morris’ friends say he was playing Russian roulette when he shot himself in the head. When Morris accidentally shot himself, his friends say they ran, taking the revolver with them.

One police officer speculated that, “It could be a very elaborate plan to cover something up”, but police believe that the fatal gunshot was self-inflicted.

When Morris’ best friend, Patrick Roberts, returned home, he called 911 and told police that Morris was playing roulette with the gun when he shot himself. But Roberts only called police because he told his mother what happened and she forced him to call.

Before shooting himself, Morris had pointed the gun at his friends and pulled the trigger. He felt he had mastered the game well enough to know where the empty chambers were.

Police found Morris face down in a pool of his own blood.

Police reportedly found skin under the dead teen’s nails, indicating that there may’ve been a fight before the shooting. And even though Morris is right handed, the bullet reportedly entered the left side of his temple.

This has led the teen’s dad, James McDuffie, to believe that there was foul play in his son’s death.

“He scratched one of them,” McDuffie said.

McDuffie recalls going to bed around 9PM that night, and says his son later arrived with three friends. He recalls yelling at them to turn down the music, but doesn’t remember hearing a gunshot.



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  1. This is truly tragic, my deepest condolences. Now that being said, can people get any dumber? Really ridiculous things are happening, however, since this world is in the hands of all the fallen angels I guess it is what it is suppose to be, absurd and wicked!

  2. So if the dad was in the house and he did not hear gun shots, I would think there is a cover up and maybe a silencer involve…..since the gun was taken when his friends left the house… Plus if are right handed how the heck do you shoot yourself on the left side…. Sounds like foul play to me…