Rihanna Tweets a Picture of Chris Brown in Bed

We’re not sure what the deal is behind the star crossed romance between Rihanna and Chris Brown.  There may be something irresistible about the man who tried to beat you to death just three years ago.  But the two are in love apparently and are determined to pursue that love no matter what anyone else thinks.

Chris and Rihanna got together to spend Thanksgiving in Berlin, with Rihanna sharing the news with all of her fans.   That was just the first piece of the roller coaster that has kept the two performers in the media.  There was also the interesting tweet Rihanna released right afterward with Chris lying in bed without a shirt on.

“Dis n-gga……. ‪#BartObsessed,” Rihanna tweeted.

The tattoos match those on Brown, so everyone has pretty much concluded that this is him.  What this means for Rihanna, her future or their dating prospects, no one seems to know.  What is certainly clear is that everyone thinks she’s out of her mind.

Rihanna says that the two aren’t dating again, but if she’s tweeting pictures of him lying in bed, there’s a good chance that they are more than just friends.  Good luck with that Rihanna, we just hope he doesn’t try to kill you again.

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  1. Apparently they still want to be together. Maybe she likes being knocked around. Its get business and she wants us to know it. When we ignore it, she will find another way to get attention.

  2. This Article is super ignorant. Rihanna and Chris were at fault that night. She put his hands on him and he her but he was the only one that got in trouble. Chris learned his lesson and he has been with other women since Rihanna and none have been beaten. He learned his lesson and if they want to b together let them. Get off his balls. Ugh smh

  3. So is Chris going to have to pay for this mistake the rest of his life? Love hurts but love can also heal! I don't advocate a woman staying in a relationship when abuse is evident however there is 2 sides to every story and then there is the truth. The truth will set you free

  4. His is a rude ass writer. Haven’t u made mistakes if it wasn’t for Chris and rihannas life u wouldn’t have a job. Go in a different direction w ur writing. Lets about how to stop the deaths in Chicago

  5. Both of these people are very young and both of them are very talented. Expect them to be news items for many, many years to come, whether they are with each other or not. Get used to it…

  6. It looks like SHE is the dang problem to me. Irresponsible to post this, he sprung on her, she’s out of control……ugh…..#loveHisMusic …..#SoOverThisStories #CelebrityNewsPlease

  7. Listen World: Rihanna STARTED the fight with Chris Brown after finding something about another woman on his personal direcotry. He did what me and any other real man woulld do when attacked: Defend Himself. It takes two to tango and she started the dance. So there — deal with it!

  8. Whenever you put your private life to the world and media, people will voice their opinion. Some will be neg. some will be positive. If they truly love each other, they should take some time off and do some soul searching and serious talks about the pros and cons of what make a perfect relationship. Seek advice from people who love you and want what's best for you.

  9. There's always two sides to the truth. Only the two of them know it. While I don't support the abuse, none of us can judge Chris' heart. I just wish they had gone through counseling before getting back together.

  10. If the public can post whatever we want, so can they. In the spotlight or not. It is called Freedom of the press. Should there be backlash ots theirs to deal with, not us.

  11. That's their business if they are back together ,in stead of hating on them pray that their love for one another (obviously) grows abundantly more for one another in the lord . You Haters ╰_╯.

  12. What everybody need to do is to stay out of Rhianna and Chris business. Now, I am not sure why Rhianna sent a picture of Chris for the public to see, but I think it was irresponsible of her to broadcast it. Nevertheless, Rhianna if you are reading this, it would be wise for you to stop broadcasting your business with Chris. YOu may find yourself disconnected with your fans, whereas they may stop buying your music especially if you and Chris get into another altercation in the future. Be wise…I can only hope that you have learned from the media and your past experience.

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    • It does not matter whether she broadcast it or not they got papparazzi hanging from trees, chandeliers and where ever her feet travel. She has nothing to hide. After watching her interview on Oprah I have a whole new respect for her and her honesty about her love for Chris despite their mishap. This is not an OJ Simpson repeat like the media wants to always protray when domestic violence pops up. Chris Brown has had to pay a price as well as Rhinna. I don't see no comments about Charlie Sheen and his straight up abuse of all of his past honeys oh but I forgot he is vanilla so he continues to make millions and is still on t.v but the media wants to hang a brother for 1 mistake.

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