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Rihanna Tweets a Picture of Chris Brown in Bed

We’re not sure what the deal is behind the star crossed romance between Rihanna and Chris Brown.  There may be something irresistible about the man who tried to beat you to death just three years ago.  But the two are in love apparently and are determined to pursue that love no matter what anyone else thinks.

Chris and Rihanna got together to spend Thanksgiving in Berlin, with Rihanna sharing the news with all of her fans.   That was just the first piece of the roller coaster that has kept the two performers in the media.  There was also the interesting tweet Rihanna released right afterward with Chris lying in bed without a shirt on.

“Dis n-gga……. ‪#BartObsessed,” Rihanna tweeted.

The tattoos match those on Brown, so everyone has pretty much concluded that this is him.  What this means for Rihanna, her future or their dating prospects, no one seems to know.  What is certainly clear is that everyone thinks she’s out of her mind.

Rihanna says that the two aren’t dating again, but if she’s tweeting pictures of him lying in bed, there’s a good chance that they are more than just friends.  Good luck with that Rihanna, we just hope he doesn’t try to kill you again.

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