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NYC Sued by Three-Time Accused Rapist for Wrongful Imprisonment

Brian Brockington is a three time accused rapist who is suing the city of New York for keeping him in prison for an additional few months


Brian Brockington, 36, has been accused of R*pe three times — at one point, facing up to 75 years in prison for an allegation — but now he’s aiming to become a millionaire from a $3 million lawsuit he’s filing against the city of New York and its Department of Correction for wrongful imprisonment. He has already filed a notice of claim, which is the first step in the process for a lawsuit.

Brockington was released from Rikers Island jail in May although authorities said he was linked by DNA to violent s*x attacks in 1993, 1997, and 2003. He escaped those charges after prosecutors inadequately handled the case.

An unidentified source says law enforcement failed to act on Brockington’s unnecessary extended time in prison. “Corrections did not take into consideration the five years he spent in jail. They just ignored it,” the unidentified source said. “There’s no question they dropped the ball. They just sat on it; he should have been released.” Brockington’s lawsuit will contend that he was kept in confinement a little over 100 days longer than he should have been after acquiring a plea deal in the 2003 case, as the 1993 and 1997 cases fell apart.

Brockington referred to the prosecutors’ probe as “a joke” during his incarceration. He protested his innocence, stating that the alleged victim from the 1993 allegation is a “crackhead” and said “I don’t need to R*pe nobody. I’ll buy the [s*x].” Brockington’s mother insists her son is innocent: “There’s a lot of people suing the city for wrongful imprisonment — there’s a lot of people going to jail who are innocent.” She continued: “No one ever tried to get his side of the story. No one bothered to look at his record; he’s never had any history of violence against any female, anywhereHis baby mama’s punched him in the mouth and knocked his teeth out — he wouldn’t even hit her. My son does not fight women. I raised my boys very well.”

The debacle started in 2007, when Brockington was first picked up on an unrelated matter and cops got a DNA swab from him.


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