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Nate Dogg’s Wife Keeps Peace With Rapper’s Children by Ending Estate Battle

Rapper Nate Dogg failed to have a will in place upon his death, so his wife LaToya Calvins took over his estate and asked that his mother be appointed as her co-administrator -- which infuriated the rapper's children. She has since dropped the petition to save peace..

Every family can learn a valuable lesson from Nate Dogg’s death: LEAVE A WILL. The rapper failed to have a will in place at the time of his death, which caused a whirlwind of trouble for his wife, mother, and children.

Nate Dogg’s wife, LaToya Calvin, and mother, Ruth Homes, have had a long, nasty fight with the rapper’s children for control of his estate. Although the rapper died last year, his wife filed legal documents this year requesting to be in charge of her late husband’s estate. She also requested that his mother be the co-administrator of the estate.

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