Honest Mistake Lands Man in Mexico Prison for 7 Months

Jabin Bogan spent 7 months in a Mexico prison after mistakenly making the wrong turn on a route to Arizona with 268,000 rounds of ammunition

Everyone makes mistakes, no matter how hard we attempt to avoid them, they still occur. Twenty-seven year old Jabin Bogan, a truck driver from Dallas, TX, learned a very costly lesson about making mistakes.

In April, Bogan was slated to deliver 268,000 rounds of ammunition to a gun shop in Phoenix, AZ, but accidentally made the wrong turn during his commute. That wrong turn landed him in Mexico — a country that enforces extremely strict gun laws.

When Bogan attempted to cross the borders to return to the United States, he was arrested and placed in a Mexican prison where he has been for the past seven months. Bogan’s employer is referring to his action as an “honest mistake.

He told me he was coming from the warehouse, missed a turn, and was stuck one-way going south,” said Bogan’s manager at Demco Express, Denis Mekenye. “At that point he asked a cop how to make a U-turn and was told to go three or four miles, but at that point was in Mexico.” Thankfully Bogan’s mother was able to pay a fine which released him from prison on Friday — right around the holidays. “My son, that’s my motivation,” Bogan told a local news station. “That kept me going every day. My mama is my strength – without my mama I wouldn’t be no where now. My family is my pride and joy.”

If convicted, Bogan could have faced more than 25 years in prison.

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  1. A mistake.. How can one in The United States make a mistake and end up in Mexico….a different country. Can he read. Were there road signs. He could have just stopped before entering Mexico and call for road service or the state police, etc,….

  2. Why didnt his employer bail him out!?!?!?