Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Calling Female Comedian a B*tch and H@

Chris Brown’s anger bubbled to the surface on Grammy night 2009, when he beat Rihanna and tried to push her out of a moving car. But Team Breezy’s fans have stood with him, many even encouraging him  to get help and get back to the studio. What’s apparent now is that, regardless of what Brown has said in the past, he still has anger management problems, made evident by his Twitter rants, which usually result in him suspending or deleting his page.

Last night, Chris Brown tweeted a photo of himself with the caption “I look old as f*ck! I’m only 23…”  which comedian Jenny Johnson retweeted, with the caption, “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.”

That was harsh, and that’s what triggered Breezy to lose his sh*t.

Brown responded with,  “take them teeth out when u Sucking my d!ck HOE.”

Johnson then pointed out to Brown that he’d misspelled hoe, since he obviously wasn’t referencing a gardening tool in his tweet.

In response to her remark, Brown tweeted,  “I should f@rt while ur giving me top”, to which Johnson replied, “Your mom must be so proud of you.”

But that little tug at Brown’s heart strings didn’t stop him, because by that time, he was on a tirade, tweeting “mom says hello… She told me not to sh@rt in ur mouth, wanted me to sh*t right on the retina.”

Johnson finally ended the exchange, tweeting “Okay. I’m done. All I got from that exchange with Chris Brown is that he wants to sh*t and f@rt on me… I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.”

Later, Chris Brown tweeted “Ask Rihanna if she’s mad???” to which Johnson just responded, “Get some help, seriously.”

Brown’s final tweet was, ‘Let me leave this b!tch alone … it’s good to know my worth by listening to a b!tch that is worthless!’




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  1. Did yall not hear her commet to him …..I respect who respects me

  2. Johnson you were off track and wrong for your comments,didn’t your mother ever tell you that if you don’t have something nice to say just shut UP? Chris you need to man up and ignore the drama. It’s up to you to stay on track. Chris if you expect a second chance ignore the drama and just stop responding back to all the mess. Two wrongs does not make a right!

  3. Jenny Johnson, you have absolutely no right to patronize him! Your not God! Who do you think you are?!?!?!? You should probably ease up…I’m almost sure you have skeletons in your closet, bodies as well. How dare you feel that you can do that to him! I’m in disbelief! And you still have a career?!?!? Maybe it’s not going anywhere, is why you felt the need to attack Chris. Someone should crap on you, because your dead wrong!

  4. he cant learn if a whole community hasn' many people on this site have called johnson a bitch, men & women alike…hard for him to learn from peers if they are ignorant themselves!

    Calling her a bitch in one breath, then recalling forgiveness from god, in the next breath! that's not how one addresses another individual, regardless of wether you respect her opinion or not,…who cares she's a comedian trying to make a name for herself…his reaction & lashing out —only serves to prove her point!

    As for god's forgiveness—its not an all encompassing blanket to do wrong, and it is only extended when one is truly repentant–he is not!

    meanwhile when Rihanna's not too busy taking off her clothes for photographs…she's tweeting pictures of brown sleeping in her bed recently…big whoop , that's not much of a prize…keep it in mind, next time he slaps you!

  5. Sharon Spearman Lacy

    Nasty nasty nasty

  6. In all honesty, taking the high road seems to be an underrated activity in this era. Why would Chris even feel threatened by some unknown comedian? He is a world known entertainer with millions of fans. Life is too short to be worrying about what this one or that one thinks, and I do believe there is a “block” option on Twitter. Why not just block the heckler? As anyone can clearly see, the minute the media gets a hold of something like this it spreads like wild fire. Control is an attribute possessed by many and missing from some. But we all make our own choices, I just hope that he doesn’t land in the hot seat again. I’m just sayin’. ~GD

  7. Dr. Boyce how u knw he anit changed did he tel u tht… And for Ms. Johnson serve you right he should of dogged you keep your mouth shut and don't dish it out unless you can take it you thought you was dealin with a punk fool you….Hey Ms.Johnson you drop something oh thts just tht loose lip…you knw now ok I'm done.

  8. These celebs and their Twitter tsk tsk tsk, don't you get enough attention? If you are C B you should have your shield up by now, she baited you and you swallowed it, shame. YOu and Rhi need to stop being attention hounds and stay out the lights for a while, imo.

  9. I woulda snapped on that bitch too . U can't say whatever u want then cry wolf

  10. The fans made chris brown and his fans can stop chris brown if they feel he needs angerment. And he dont ho then record labels should cut him until he seek help

  11. not surprising…its a shame that many young black males see women like this, when they are raised in single parent households by women/ mom, grandmothers, aunts and sisters…then why this mercenary attitude in the black community?

    where women are ho's and chicken-heads only good for hit it & quit it and where young black women think so little of themselves to let themselves be used, by any number of guys who smile their way and having multiple kids by guys who promise them nothing but a few minutes of cardio!

    Rihanna is kidding herself if she thinks he's changed, didn't seem sorry back then , yet all her $$$ doesn't buy her any sense as she in same cycle the chicken-heads are in…too busy crying on Oprah over who's going to help him, rather than about herself, when he has never sought help w/ his anger & misogynist attitude. went from cute young man to pig of an adult!

  12. Never heard of her anyways ,she got what she deserved and should have kept her mouth shut.

  13. Twitter is for entertainment….the comedian wanted some “national” attention…so she made those comments…I didn’t even know who she was prior to this article. And still don’t. She used Chris Brown’s “fame” and his previous personal situation to draw attention to herself. Honestly, I don’t think she expected him to respond, but I think she expected his millions of fans to respond and follow her. She seems a little desperate! Im actually more disappointed in Your Black World for drawing attention to the exchange…We should be utilizing our resources to uplifting our younger generations. CB and Rihanna have has already received enough negative attention from this personal ordeal. Enough already…. Personally the article should have been titled….Female comedian becomes the butt of her own joke when she trys to insult Chris Brown….

  14. All I see is to children acting childishly. The common activity twitter is known for and why I don't use it.

  15. …too much…too soon…too late…

  16. GROW UP CHRIS!!!!!!!! That all I have to say.

  17. People are so unfair. I am not a Chris Brown fan personally -though he makes a lot of good music- , but how is it that we have come so far as to not being able to assign blame where it should be placed? She messed with him, and though he was a bit harsh, to put it mildly, she should demonstrate more responsible behaviour by not provoking someone to wrath….

  18. She shouldn't have made the negative comment she made.when u dish it out u better be ready to take it.obviously she wasn't.her bad.

  19. I’m not mad at him. She offered unsolicited insults and got back what she gave. It sounds like a set up and maybe he should leave twitter alone but I don’t feel sorry for the comedienne.

    • I’m not mad at either she should not have come at him that way, she got what her hand called for!!!
      and then to make matters worst talkabout his mom,what did she have to do with it, she was wrong!!!!

  20. What a punk, his comebacks are wack and disguisting and very rude damn, being light skinned and be able to sing really pays off even when you’re an ass hole.

  21. I really feel sorry for Chris Brown. The brother won't know what kind of life he's creating till it's too late to change it.

    • No male figure in his life to set him straight, tell him to stop making music and get himself the help that he needs. Just a bunch of people who just want to see him sing and dance.

    • Douglas Edward Ramsey

      This kid needs help.

    • She had no business saying what she said but his response shows that however many anger management classes he took, they haven't helped him at all.

    • why are some people so self-destructive? The value of life has to be learned but there has to be someone in our lives that show us at some point whether a teacher, a stranger, a song something. clearly chris brown has received a wrong report and living like he will live on this earth for ever. .his conscientious has to be pricked at some point in time?

    • yikes..she start it though. She had no right.

    • Broderick – Yes he does need guidance. However, maybe she knew all everything that has been stated about this child (Chris Brown) and set him up on purpose for publicity.

    • Please he's not anger he just spoke back against someone talking junk yeah turn the other cheek what ever if a person going to speak out at someone be ready for feed back..and all you thts saying he need help stop singing get help have either one of you reach out to help him since one of y'all said he didn't have a male figure and how you know he don't…people kill me always got something to say i'm not saying what he did was right but don't know body know what happen that night but him her and god..people need to mind there business and stop feeding of the public eye and people life's they already got the media in there sht 25/8

    • Yes, the woman started it. But that was NO excuse for his response. I honestly believe that he still doesn't "get it". He feels that he was justified in his reponse to this woman. I also believe that he FEELS that he was Justified in his response to Rhianna. He seems to have learned NOTHING.

  22. she should have kept him mouth closed,she came at his mothers neck,and he came at her red ass neck,so whats the big deal?so i guess she needs anger management as well

  23. So if someone disrespects you it's cool but IF YOU'RE CHRIS BROWN AND YOU RETALIATE ALL OF A SUDDEN HE'S THE BAD MAN IN ALL THIS RIGHT?? Well label me bad to because that ratchet mouth bitch started it so far as I'm concerned she got what she had coming to her. If you don't want nobody talking about or to you like that THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF.

  24. She started the altercation by saying what she said! If u can dish it out then u should be woman enough to handle the feedback!! Just because ur a woman doesn't mean u can disrespect others but don't feel it should happen to u!!

  25. Charon Sibley Manigault

    All I could say is woooow, but was funny when he said he would f*rt… lol

    • nice to see that you found such a reprehensible, disrespectful sexual remark funny…if it were directed at you, i don't think u would…why do some women hate one another or accept disrespect like this as acceptable—its the reason a pig like chris thinks its okay to say such a thing

  26. In a situation like this jonson is wrong because its non of her business nor should she had said wat she said. Telling brown hes worthless? Ill call her a bitch too ! Thats disrespectful. Despite of chris downfall god forgave his wrong doings why cant yall?

    • Marquita Wildandrunningfree Leak

      I also understand how Chris feels. If Johnson was mature herself she would left his past in the past as the victim did. But Johnson wrote what she said to a young man who is dealing with forgiving himself and browning into a mature man of substance. Can we assist with some positive roll models to assist him instead of kicking him down the stairs always. P. S

    • Rightt

    • Rightt.Johnson Gott What She Asked For.iDntt Feel Bad For Her.She Started The Shit,So Shit iS What She Got iN Return.Nuff Said.