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Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Calling Female Comedian a B*tch and H@

Chris Brown’s anger bubbled to the surface on Grammy night 2009, when he beat Rihanna and tried to push her out of a moving car. But Team Breezy’s fans have stood with him, many even encouraging him  to get help and get back to the studio. What’s apparent now is that, regardless of what Brown has said in the past, he still has anger management problems, made evident by his Twitter rants, which usually result in him suspending or deleting his page.

Last night, Chris Brown tweeted a photo of himself with the caption “I look old as f*ck! I’m only 23…”  which comedian Jenny Johnson retweeted, with the caption, “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.”

That was harsh, and that’s what triggered Breezy to lose his sh*t.

Brown responded with,  “take them teeth out when u Sucking my d!ck HOE.”

Johnson then pointed out to Brown that he’d misspelled hoe, since he obviously wasn’t referencing a gardening tool in his tweet.

In response to her remark, Brown tweeted,  “I should f@rt while ur giving me top”, to which Johnson replied, “Your mom must be so proud of you.”

But that little tug at Brown’s heart strings didn’t stop him, because by that time, he was on a tirade, tweeting “mom says hello… She told me not to sh@rt in ur mouth, wanted me to sh*t right on the retina.”

Johnson finally ended the exchange, tweeting “Okay. I’m done. All I got from that exchange with Chris Brown is that he wants to sh*t and f@rt on me… I have zero respect for a person who seems unapologetic for the terrible crime he committed and shows no signs of changing.”

Later, Chris Brown tweeted “Ask Rihanna if she’s mad???” to which Johnson just responded, “Get some help, seriously.”

Brown’s final tweet was, ‘Let me leave this b!tch alone … it’s good to know my worth by listening to a b!tch that is worthless!’




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