1 Dead, 8 Wounded, Zero Suspects from Random Shootings In Chicago

One man is dead and eight others are wounded from gunshots in Chicago on Sunday

In August, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel placed partial blame on residents in crime-ridden communities for Chicago’s surge in gun violence. In September, Emanuel told reportersWe’re containing it” when asked about the state of the city’s effort to end crime.

Emanuel doesn’t appear to have any proof of control over the city’s gun violence, as nine people were shot in random shootings throughout the city on Sunday. One man took a fatal shot and eight others are currently healing.

One shooting occurred at 8:04am in the West Town neighborhood. According to preliminary reports by Chicago Police, the shooting was a drive-by that killed 34-year-old Leonard Phillips and wounded a 21-year-old man who was sitting in a car with him at the time of the shooting. Another shooting occurred at 10:37 a.m., where a man or boy was shot in the leg at a small food store. At 4:20 am, a 25-year-old man was struck in the leg while driving his car in the Chinatown neighborhood. Around 1:20 am, a 19-year-old man was followed by four assailants who struck him in the back and buttock in a building hallway in the South Chicago neighborhood. At 5:10pm, a man in his 20’s was shot in the head in the West Garfield Park neighborhood. At 6:40 pm, a 35-year-old man was shot in the arm in the Gresham neighborhood. At 10:05 pm, a man was shot in the left calf by accident in the Chatham neighborhood.

This morning at 12:10 a.m., a 25-year-old man was shot in the right thigh during a sidewalk fight.

Should Mayor Rahm Emanuel be removed from his position?

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  1. Long as dope is pushed in our hoods in all cities its gonna be biznezz as usual. Have u been to Memphis or Miami lately? I have and its all bout the same in the ” hood”.. The feds don’t care bout urban legends battling for turf. Collateral damage is in their equation when it comes to keeping us doped up and locked up. See the movie ” Panther”or the ” Godfather” again for a refresher. …Maat

  2. I believe partial blame should be placed on the residence. However, there needs to be more protection on our south and west side of Chi-town. It is a known fact the north side gets better treatment. With this being said, it still does not take away the fact that people need to take responsibility for themselves. The problems start in individual homes. I do believe gun laws need to be enforced. This is a job for everyone in Chicago. Crime was horrible here way before he became mayor. There is enough blame to go around and it doesn't belong to one individual, house, nor person. We all need to act.

  3. I agree that it is the residents fault but that does not remove the responsibility of the police to ontervene. Problem is…as soon as the attempt to "take back" the community they will be overwhelmed with lawsuits for excessive violence. The residence gor themselvrs thete so they should just put down the guns. That starts the solution.

  4. The politicans including the mayor, police, and the federal government need to get involved because it's a public health disaster. If four hunderd white people die from anyting, the world stops and a solution is found. (Benghazi)

  5. Hey Rahm – Retaliation is for real! Who will protect the citizens who come forward?

  6. Just another day and year in the Chiraq. Blaming the community is an easy scapegoat for the mayor. Pay attention to the time that these assaults happened, during the 1am- early mornings hours. I'm asleep as many others, so how can we (the community) be the Blamed? any mayor that blames the hard working, tax paying citizens of the city for the condition of that city should NOT be mayor.
    Did the mayor or politicians during prohibition era Chicago, set the blame on the white community when Al Capone and the many white ethnic groups and gangs was raging war on the same streets of Chicago?

    • It happens in all of the major cities, and most all are run by Democratic mayor, council member, police chief etc. maybe that's the problem! When they start rounding up the crooks and murders we scream!!! they are only picking up black people, not believing the crime is committed by blacks.
      just a thought.