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Fox News Publishes “Food Stamp Menu Ideas For Newark Mayor Cory Booker”

A recent Twitter exchange between Newark Mayor Cory Booker and one of his Twitter followers ended with Booker issuing a challenge to his Twitter follower; that they both should go on food stamps for a week.

Here’s the conversation:


It didn’t take long for the folks at Fox to jump in, offering an ignorant list of menu items for Mayor Cory Booker while he lives on food stamps for a week.

The Fox News food stamp menu lists burritos, casseroles, and soups as cheap and healthy foods, even going so far as to suggest french toast as a tasty treat:

Being on food stamps doesn’t mean denying yourself a treat.  French toast is best made with stale bread, which is always a bargain at the store.  It can be dressed, like our recipe below that calls for Mascarpone cheese, but that can be substituted for cheaper cream cheese or honey-sweetened yogurt. 

To the writers at Fox, being on food stamps is sort of an adventure, like going to survivalist camp.  They don’t seem to realize that living on food stamps is, for most, deadly serious, and not some sort of game, like The Price is Right.

One can only hope that Mayor Booker’s challenge to @TwitWit will help her understand what it’s like to live on food stamps, thus changing her view of people who are either unemployed or underemployed.

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